Update on Tensai's Tout

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 31, 2012.

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  2. That's shit. Fuck PR!
  3. Thought so. Poor Tyson Kidd.
  4. Come on guys... it's not like anyone watched it.
  5. :downer: you could see it coming, it was a bit of a stupid thing to do.
  6. This could mean Tyson definitely going over in the feud if we are lucky. #TouchWood.
  7. ugh...
  8. Sadly betting Kidd loses alongside that fatshit Bloom. What an idiot.
  9. anyone know what will happen to him because of this
  10. Just a warning then doghouse treatment, IE not being pushed and hardly appearing.
  11. I hate the world in 2012
  12. I bet if he said all Americans are fat and eat McDonalds all the time he wouldn't have got punished.
  13. Him and AW should make a video

  14. LOL

    and then booker T walks up and shouts 'we commin for you nigga!
  15. I hope this is not the case, or at least until they finish his storyline with Kidd.

  16. that not nice :emoji_slight_frown: why should a persons career be messed up because of something like that :/
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