Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 26, 2014.

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  2. Fuck the annoying anonymous RAW GM.

    Let it be Sting or Vinnie Mac or bring back The Authority and get it over with, FFS!
  3. So yet again creative write themselves into a corner and have to resort garbage to try and get out of it. Will they ever learn? (No, probably not)

    I'd like to be optimistic in thinking that the anon GM thing could actually work if they: a) changed the annoying message tone b) actually made matches that had a point to them c) revealed the anon GM to be somebody that isn't terrible and could be a good GM.
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  4. Otimism is great sometimes, but you may be asking too much here.
  5. Hulk Hogan, brother!

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  6. :nope:

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    I'd rather see Sting or Vinnie Mac... Or even bring The Authority back (I'm sure they could put up Cena to this somehow).
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  7. I'd personally mark for Eric Bischoff returning as the new Raw GM, although I know it won't happen.
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  8. Backlund
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  9. 1.) lol @ coming off of a very compelling main event at SS and having no idea what to do on Monday. Way to be prepared, WWE!
    2.) Fuck the WWE thinking anyone gives a shit about GM angles. Here is an idea for a GM... fucking nobody because we don't give a shit about GM angles you lazy booking motherfuckers
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  10. Yeah, anyone but that annoying computer, really.
  11. Fuck.. would've rather them announced anybody that they had in plans for GM rather than going with the anon gig again.. hopefully it won't be for too long.
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  12. Of all the employees they have on payroll and they can't find one person for the job?
    John Laurinaitis did fine. His voice was horrible, but they took a chance and put him out there.
    Stop searching for the golden goose. Sometimes the best candidate is right under your nose.

    Find somebody. It could be Regal, maybe the chick at the reception desk. He/She doesn't have to ooze charisma, find somebody who can memorize lines.
    They allowed Vickie to develop on screen. It took time, but she found a gimmick that worked for her.
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  13. They should bring back Mike Adamle :happy:
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  14. I've been thinking lately about how much I miss memorably bad moments. There's lots of good and bad stuff in wrestling nowadays, but nothing really memorable either way, and how much fun it was to watch Impact be a trainwreck at times back in the day..

    Hearing that damned computer beep again was almost a mark-out moment. It was such a catastrophe of any semblance of good storytelling or delivering anything the fans wanted that it brought back Immortal flashbacks which were just oddly freakin' awesome.

    Then a million times what D'Z said. The fact that they have at least planned for THREE WEEKS that they're getting rid of the Authority at Summerslam and nobody in that room can say "hey, uhhhhh... shouldn't we replace them with someone? Maybe Sting or Foley or BNB or anyone?" Fucking hysterical. :lol1:

    Seriously. Computer > A power struggle angle any day of the week, especially now that Cena is more powerful than Vince even in kayfabe. This company is amazing.
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  15. Regal is one hell of a shout-out
  16. Mike Adamle, as well. :happy:
  17. No fucking idea of who is that guy
  18. A legend. The former RAW GM, interviewer and commentator. You obviously missed a great era in the WWE. :happy:

  19. First I thought grumpy cat was an ultimate low, then they brought in that dufus last Monday...and now the formerly anonymous computer gm. things are going from bad to worse
  20. We all know who should be GM right now.

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