Ring of Honor Update on the ROH/NJPW partnership

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Defending the ROH World title at Wrestle Kingdom in front of roughly 40 000 people would be huge. Great to see this partnership going strong.

    @Leo C get in here m8
  2. Something tells me they might change their mind once they realize Michael Elgin is the ROH Champion. But hey, they've already used Kyle O'Reilly and Michael Bennett, so what the fuck do I know?
  3. This will be the era of Elgin shoot winning matches to hold the belt into WK.

    ROH-Hostage crisis
  4. Weird, you tagged me but I didn't get an alert. Here nonetheless. This is great news for everyone, we could get Okada at Final Battle and the ROH title being defended in front of 40k sounds awesome. I so hope Elgin loses the belt at Final Battle :lol1:
  5. Leo is an ROH guy? Color me impressed.
  6. So who do you guys see challenging for the ROH belt at WK?

  7. Once you witness such greatness there's no going back.
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  8. Oh Briscoe you majestic man.
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