Update on The Shield's break up

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. Even though I like The Shield, I'm hoping they break up sooner rather than later. I think it'd be good for the three to be on their own as they'd get more in depth roles.
    I'd personally like to see Reigns as a babyface monster, Rollins as one of those faces whom is liked because of his style(like Hardy, but you know, talented), and Ambrose as a loose cannon heel.
  2. Why? The group is still very popular and no one's tired of seeing their matches. Let them fight the Wyatts at Mania, and then after that look at how to split them up. What are they going to do as singles competitors right now? The WWE title picture is jammed with Orton/Cena/Bryan/HHH/Punk. WWE don't care about the mid-card titles.
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  3. Would you rather they split after the group loses it's appeal? Don't be daft. Strike while the iron is hot.
  4. I want them to face off in a triple threat at WM for the US title
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  5. Would've liked it more if Reigns would step away from Ambrose and Rollins instead of how Ambrose is putting himself out as the bigshot, and Reigns is shoved (without disrespect) next to Rollins.
  6. I was also hoping for a faction war between the Shield and the Wyatts at Wrestlemania. A triple threat for the US Title sounds awesome too, but that can always happen after Mania. I like the idea of the WWE's two dominant stables going against one another to prove who is the bigger and meaner dogs on the biggest stage of all. And what better place to signify the end of The Shield (which will be pretty apparent if something happens like Ambrose walking away from the match and leaving the other two to get destroyed, or something similar) than at Mania?
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  7. I don't see them losing their appeal any time soon. But, I think TLC's a good place to start the process of them splitting. Have Punk go over the Shield due to miscommunication. Or have Reigns go for the cover on Punk, with Ambrose pulling him off after a 2 count?
  8. Oh yeah I would love that too. I think it would mean a face turn for The Shield before then though, which doesn't seem to jive with what they're already doing with Dean.
  9. Splits suck. WWE finally has a good thing going with the group villains again...
  10. Wyatts vs Shield at EC with the Wyatts going over
    Ambrose vs Rollins vs Reigns at WM
  11. Lol. It was never going to last forever, and it's not like they're a new stable anymore.
  12. I hope they break up soon. I like to see how they do in Singles competition.

    For Ambrose, I hope he gets that U.S. title off his shoulder to something bigger like the World Title. I want to see him Main Event Raw more often.

    For Rollins, I would like to see him be the best Mid-Card guy in WWE. I hope he wins the I.C. title and have a long reign and do great in this business in singles competition.

    For Reigns, Even though he is my least favorite, I see him being World Champ soon. I kinda would like to see Ambrose Vs. Reigns for the World Championship one day.
  13. I think the best place for them to split would be against the Wyatts at Mania, So Ambrose turns on Rollins and Reigns. With Wyatt and Ambrose attacking Rollins. Then all four Attack Reigns, making him looking strong because it takes 4 people to beat him down. That way Dean stays Heel, Rollins turns face and Reigns turns face looking strong.
  14. So Rollins should turn face but not look strong?

    Pretty sure you can turn both and make both look strong, Reigns obviously stronger but still.
  15. Well if he gets suprise attacked by Ambrose, that wouldn't make him look weak would it?
  16. Depends entirely on how you book it. Is he taken out immediately, or does he fight back? If he just lays down immediately he looks like a bitch.
  17. Yep it could very easily.
  18. I hope they split, would be perfect, they have a lot of talent and they`ll do great in singles competition
  19. thanks seabspot.

    You can also very easily book it in a way so it doesn't make him look weak. Just have Reigns outside somewhere and Rollins gets the shit beat out of him by multiple dudes before Reigns can fend them off.

    That is assuming you were still talking about going with the Ambrose defects to the Wyatts angle
  20. I love them as a team and wish they could remain a stable for years to come, but I know that's not going to happen. All three of them are capable of holding titles which they've proven in the tag team division and with the united states title (even though I wish Ambrose defended the united states title more). They could be great in singles matches and stand well on their own. After last night at TLC, it seems like the breakup is on its way with Reigns accidentally spearing Rollins. I imagine they'll be arguing more and being at odds with each other on various topics which will lead to the split.
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