News Update on the TNA Statuses of Mickie James and Ken Anderson

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CM Punk, Sep 24, 2013.

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  2. I'm fine with Anderson being gone.

    Mickie James was an awesome heel lately, really a shame she left like this. At least she put ODB over.
  3. Anderson was quite entertaining recently but ehh, not so sad.

    I don't watch the women, but Mickie James is a big knockout's name and they could do with more. Now freakin' ODB is champion. WHY!?

    TNA need to replace them now, though.
  4. I will miss Anderson, i always liked him being an asshole.
  5. A shame really. We get the chance to remember just how awesome Anderson is and then POOF! He's gone!
  6. Pretty bad that they have to let so many people go, Mickie and Anderson (at the very end) were doing very well. Suppose they may return later.
  7. I'll miss both, these guys I wanted to see in the company
  8. Noooo Anderson :why:God damn.
  9. Wait, Anderson? Why? Wh- why? He was just written off? I was expecting a storyline. Where have I been?:idk:
  10. Bully and Ken have been having issues for quite some time, and things escalated when Hogan announced there's gonna be a title match involving Bully Ray and an Aces member. Anderson got sick of Bully's crap that's been going on for months, then didn't help him against Sting, announced he's the one facing him for the title in what turned out be an awesome face turn.

    Their title match was later announced as the Last Man Standing by Hogan, and it is my personal MOTYC for TNA in 2013. It was so damn awesome and brutal. Anderson came out looking like a star. Not to mention how great the post-match angle has been done.

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  11. Yeah, his contract was up and they're cutting costs now and whatnot.
  12. Read that Ken Anderson did an interview, and stated that he expects to sign the new TNA contract within the next week, as he feels good in the company and about their direction. He also said he has no intentions of not being with TNA.

    Rainman BrockLesnarFanForLife
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  13. :phew: Good to hear. If he does stay with them, I hope he'll keep showing this more awesome side of him compared to how it had been lately.
  14. Awesome to know Anderson will stick around. Loved his last two weeks.
  15. I hope he doesn't get lazy again, Ken has talent.
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  16. :yes: Hogan being gone, Anderson being resigned, and them being able to throw 60,000 at Mickie (even if she turned it down it's good they have that kind of money)... Maybe things aren't as bad as the IWC says they are.

    Yeah, the IWC being wrong, who could have expected that.

    Still, great to see him back. Think he's kind of like Cena where the quality of his work depends on the quality of the stuff you give him. Bring him back as a really hot babyface and you'll get good results. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. :yes: i cant wait for his return.
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