News Update on the WWE title situation

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Nov 27, 2013.

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    In keeping with the indecisive finishes to recent PPVs, I think Cena and Orton will both grab a belt each. But, can they wait until Wrestlemania to have the actual unification match? Having it at Royal Rumble looks more likely,
  2. Nahhhhhhh, have Orton go over Cena at TLC, have Bryan win the RR, and challenge Orton at WM, ultimately going over Orton, getting his revenge
  3. We've seen Bryan v Orton so much this year. No way would that rematch happen at WM.
  4. Yeah, okay but how many times have we seen Orton/Cena now? No way it'd happen at WM? okay. You're a writer for the WWE now? WHoa. Wish I woulda known that
  5. We haven't seen Orton/Cena recently, no. And I don't think that will be a match at WM.

    I think the winner of the unified title (Orton/Cena) will face Punk, who wins the Rumble, because we've seen Orton/Bryan lots this year, Orton/Cena happening now, and Bryan/Cena didn't draw at Summerslam. Although, it could be a triple threat match.
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  6. Triple threat would be better in The Hoff's opinion. I'd much rather watch that than Punk/Cena
  7. While it certainly seems like they're planning on "swerving" (note the quote), for them to unify the belts at TLC would actually make sense from a business perspective. Royal Rumble sells itself. Wrestlemania draws based on it's name, so why would you "blow" a big match on those shows when you could use it to make TLC a big deal?

    Speculating of course, but as Hart said in his article Cena draws because his fans buy PPV's instead of stream them. With the way they set up Cena/Bryan it didn't attract those type of fans to buy Summerslam. If we had the same setup with a despicable champion for Cena to overcome (Orton) that'll get a lot more buys for a title match... then again, they should have done the triple threat this year by that logic, so much for that.
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  8. This is pretty much the logic, especially when you consider that TLC is usually one of their lowest PPV buyrates of the year for some reason. It's ironic too, as the unification of the WWF/WCW Titles in 2001 was also in December with only three weeks of build (as opposed to the normal four weeks or so... and yes, that particular piece of information is useless, but it's something I noticed and thought I'd share.)

    I'm still expecting a swerve though since the whole concept of having to grab both championships down at the same time easily allows for a swerve to take place.
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  9. Bryan vs Cena makes the most sense IMO bring this story full circle, the corporation angle can go to Punk for the time being with HHH vs Bryan becoming an continuing thing,
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  10. If it ends up being Bryan/Cena, Cena's most likely going over. Damn you WWE
  11. Nah, I bet anything Cena is glad to job here. He will make some badass speech after WM and it will show that he is the real corporate champion, with or without the belt. Blah blah blah blah.

    I don't know how it could work, unless HHH shits on Orton and faces him at WM, before putting him in EC to lose again. Orton wins the WHC, Corporation turns against him, and he (most likely) takes out some asshole again as "the viper" like Miz. It gives us a couple of shorter matches leading to an EC unification match while stars people want to see are in the actual EC. Cena wins.

    I could be 100% wrong but Orton in the rumble...I don't see happening.
  12. I'm so glad they plan on going back to one title. I don't care how long it takes, as long as that is where it eventually ends up.
    Kind of off topic, but I always thought they should have a belt that gets defended weekly on RAW. Maybe a RAW Champ" or something. If you could hold that for awhile I would imagine it would garner respect with the fans.
  13. Put them both in the ring and drop a machette into the center of the ring, shout"The guys still standing at the end wins!" And let the bloody fun begin<g.>
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