News Update on Tyson Kidd's WWE Career

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  1. Source: PWTorch


    PWTorch is reporting that Tyson Kidd's WWE contract is coming up next month and it seems highly unlikely that WWE will be resiging him under a performers contract.

    The three time WWE Tag Team Champion neck and spine were injured in a freak accident on June 1st, 2015. after taking Samoa Joe's 'Muscle Buster' at the end of a Monday Night Raw dark match. It was originally reported that Kidd would be out of action for over a year but its been speculated that he may never return to a ring again.
  2. That's just such a shame, especially when his career was just on the upside, having won the Tag Championships with Cesaro and just him getting more opportunities to shine because of the draft split if he did return. Sucks to see a guy who loves wrestling so much to have his dream taken away from him. Hope it's just a nothing rumour and he does return someday.
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  3. If this is the case, it is very unfortunate. I was a huge fan of his work.
  4. The injury that Tyson Kidd suffered is a serious injury and it is career threatening. I hope they resign him in hopes that he will come back but from a business point of view that is unlikely
  5. That sucks, if it's true. I always liked Tyson Kidd.
  6. Good for him, i'll look forward to seeing him somewhere else as I always saw him as hugely underrated.
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  7. Guys like him with his amount of knowledge and such regarding the business are usually set for life when it comes to jobs. So hopefully he gets a trainer or producer/agent job instead.
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  8. I always enjoyed his work, that Kidd and Cesaro stuff was awesome. Hopefully he gets a return to the ring and keeps a job in the WWE till then
  9. Deserves to keep making WWE big bucks until he's able to return to the ring. From what I can tell from following his Twitter, the intent has always been to return, for him at least. I hope WWE resign him in some other capacity. My big idea is that he manages Cesaro, the guy's english still isn't too great and, whether he needs it or not (debatable), having someone to do his talking for him could very possibly make him a consistent main event superstar.

    We can continue to hope for a wrestling return, though, if he's as set on it as he seems to be.
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  10. Yeah, I wouldn't think WWE would release a worker of their's that almost died in their ring, and still hasn't recovered. Would be horrible PR for them.

    Anywho, I love Kidd's most recent work, but I really hope that he retires to a producer or trainer role. Even if he is cleared to wrestle again, I won't feel comfortable with Kidd wrestling. Neck and spinal injuries aren't anything to play with, especially the kind that he had. It would be best play his cards safe and not run the risk of ending up paralyzed.
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  11. He should be signed as an nxt trainer. He should be a lead for that group. He knows how to wrestle and knows the business like the back of his hand. WWE shouldn't just let him go.
  12. I heard Joe almost killed him and the match was a last minute throw together... maybe he should retire
  13. It was clearly an accident. Those happen all the time no matter how good you are. He just happened to hurt Kidd badly
  14. Bring him back for a 1 off with Goldberg :4/10:
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  15. Apparently they ran off with some of the apostrophes. :aries:
  16. Replace Otunga on commentary, show Mauro how to talk like a true Canadian.
  17. Heathens! :aj:
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  18. Let him train NXT wrestlers and take Graves' spot on NXT commentary.

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