Update on Wednesday night Main Event

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  1. Next week sucka :dawg:

  2. Wonder what kind of matches will be on there :hmm:
  3. It's supposed to be matches connected to the main event storylines of RAW and Smackdown. Punk and Sheamus are two guys hyped for the first episode.
  4. Sounds like it might be half decent.
  5. i expect it to turn into superstars eventually
  6. Stop pissing on your own product Vince
  7. Linda blocked the toilets trying to flush the evidence of the Attitude era so I've got nowhere else to piss
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  9. :lol1:

    Also, they keep saying this new show is exclusively on the ion network. I thought the news release from yesterday said it would be on Hulu Plus; was I mistaken?

    (ETA: Nevermind. I went back to check, and yeah, it will be included on Hulu Plus.)
  10. I think this will go on to become Superstars eventually. Was hoping for a show where we get midcard feuds and the guys get promo time and stuff. Well, let's not lose hope, I'll wait and see.