Update on who might replace Kane at MITB

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  1. Glad it's not the Wyatt's. I think it'll be either Show or Kingston, but I hope it's Kingston. Got a feeling it'll be Show though to sell them all being world champions at some point.
  2. It should be Show for the all stars feel.
  3. It still annoys me they call him The Great Khali, He aint great, He isnt even mediocre.
  4. I hope it's either Big Show or Kofi Kingston as well. I don't like Khali at all so I hope he stays out of it.
  5. Disagree. Should be Kingston for the match quality.
  6. Then that kills the All Star gimmick.
  7. Considering they're all faces, I can go with Mysterio if they're looking to swerve us.
  8. Kofi would be a solid choice. I wouldn't be surprised if it is Lesnar, and he just goes after Punk leading to their SummerSlam match. I'd be fine with keeping it at 6 men though.
  9. I'm really not sure why they took Kane out. I mean, having him attacked by the Wyatt Family was great, but they could've just had him work on Sunday and have him sell the attack during the match, it's a bit strange for him to be able to go after that stair shot but it's not like they haven't done worse before. Besides a staredown with RVD I really don't see what he could offer. The added motivation for Kane to be pissed at Wyatt makes sense, as in "oh you cost me a World title shot, let's fight", but it's not like being viciously attacked like Kane was on Raw isn't motivation enough. Still, taking him out in itself is alright, but I really don't see why they should put someone else in there. 6 people is enough, and the possible replacements, uh... please don't put Khali there. Kofi I was hoping would return with a more interesting character (although it was just a glimpse of hope, expected him to come back to his old self as usual if I had to bet) but would improve match quality, although it'd hurt the All Stars thing a bit (although Christian's there... eh nevermind) and Show would protect the All Stars gimmick but it's been so good without him around.
  10. It should be Show or Kingston. I'd prefer kingston because his moves can make the much better imo.
  11. Is Kofi even healthy? Didn't they report he's going to be out for a few months?

    Hey, you know who'd be a great guy to throw in MITB? Adrian Neville.

    Honestly wouldn't mind Big Show in MITB, but only if he's healthy enough to take bumps. The other guys not named Sheamus should do enough impressive things to cover for him.
  12. I'd take Big Show over Kingston. He adds variety in the match by being a big man (easily the biggest in the match) and is a former WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW Champion, so that keeps with the All-Star gimmick. He defeated both The Rock and Triple H for his first world title, ended Brock Lesnar's winning streak for his second world title, defeated RVD himself to win the ECW Title, was the one to dethrone the monster Mark Henry for the WHC, etc. He's more accomplished in that area than most guys in the match.

    Honestly though, just keep it as a six man match. If they wanted to announce someone new for the match, they could have done it on Smackdown.
  13. Should be nobody IMO. 6 participants is fine.
  14. I would prefer Kofi over Show and Khali just because I'm interested in what new spots they can pull, maybe even a cool little spot with RVD.
  15. I was thinking Show, however surely Mysterio is due back soon? But I don't think with all his injury problems they would risk rushing Rey back for the match when they have other options available to them. No way can it be Khali though, that'd ruin all credibility of the match.
  16. Nobodys replacing Kane.
  17. Tonight? Pretty sure someone will.
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