Update on WWE negotiating with Devitt

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Hope they make it worth it for him if he signs. He's already making WWE main roster money so it has to be financially worth it to come over.
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  2. My issue is that if they sign him around this time, in what situation would he fit? Don't want him going into a mid-card spot considering the mid-card has pretty much no storyline.
  3. He would need to be pushed to the main event scene and bypass NXT, he doesn't need NXT tbh and is Main Event worthy.
  4. I think itd be good having him. It will be big ooportunity for Devitt
  5. Neville vs Devitt at WM :phew:
  6. Already happened though
  7. I would love to see him, a super opportunity for him
  8. Not at WM. Thats what I meant buddy. Neville was hired because of his match vs Devitt right?
  9. Btw Regal knows whats best for business
  10. He should not be put in the main event straight away. Debut him on the main roster with a story going yes, but don't put him in a title feud from the start. Such a risk of him bombing then.
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  11. I am a huge of fan of Prince Devitt. I would really enjoy it if he came to the wwe. Speaking of Devitt, I will be a proud owner of a best of Prince Devitt dvd real soon.
  12. Eh, They can have The Cure in WWE consisting of Bo Dallas, Prince Devitt, and Shelton Benjamin
  13. Devitt in WWE would be amazing. Glad to see that WWE is taking actual consideration into good Indy talents. Now if only they did the same with the female talents on the main roster...
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