Update: Problems & Notifications

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  1. Notifications Plugin:

    The notifications plugin is coming along nicely thanks to Anonymous and his God-like skills. Man, am I even worthy of saying his name? Anyway, over to the right of the page is a mockup of a part of the notifcations plugin. It's interactive, but the data inside is just a placeholder so you can see what it will look and feel like. Note that the UI is subject to change (such as adding a close button), but any UI feedback is still welcome.

    Problems & Fixes:

    Also, most of the development was moved over to a test server, but some plugin files were still left over here. A bug in the old files caused the headerinclude template to be cleared, so we had to revert it to the original Mybb template, so some features are missing off this theme for the time being (web fonts, user CP popup at the top). These will be readded once I get hold of the theme files again from Xanth.

    Edit: Header already fixed, can you verify this people?

    anonymous may or may not have written this
    Anon now has the files from Xanth
    Anon has now fixed the header
  2. Thanks for the information. I encountered a problem earlier regarding notifications, but it's not there anymore. I don't think I'm encountering the notifications problem anymore, think it's fixed.
  3. Awesome. Any feedback on the notifications preview on the right hand side?
  4. Notifications plugin looks pretty sick.
  5. The notification plugin looks like a nice addition. It doesn't get in the way, it's small and easy accessible which makes it even better.
  6. Wow this notification thing is interesting, I didn't realises Xanth hated me :weight_lift::coolgun::lol:

    And Crayo told me off, telling me to take the forum more seriously… again thought Missed the post he quoted me on so I’m not 100% sure why I was being yelled at their. :cry:
  7. It's a fake message, it's basically a test message. Everyone's received it.
  8. Lol @[Boogie-Woogie] it's just manually added there, everyone see's the same thing. It's a preview of what the notifications will look like. I love you, Xanth loves you :loved:.
  9. oh happy day... Crayo does still love me then :thumbup:
  10. Might aswell add that they're fake notifications to give you a preview to the original post because people will get confused. Saves the hassle.
  11. this Is real plugin?? I never seen of plugin like this in MyBb, it is nice! Congratulations to the anonymous member of forum.
    wHen plugin finishj i would like buy, plz contacting me.
  12. I don't get it kinda.
    It says I got a Cool Cat award.
  13. Have you read the thread? Be honest.
  14. I tried clicking it and nothing happened. Also, the drop down menue still don't work.
  15. Delete cache and flush your DNS (like I showed you). Should fix it. Works fine for me.
  16. Works perfectly for me. Opening it, and closing it works fine. Although, maybe add an x button to close it? It took me a little while to realise I had to click the page before it went away.

    Love it though, great work.

    Little worried when I went to the Global tab and read:

    We're closing. Goodbye.
    I'm afraid it is true, we are closing our doors.

    My heart broke. But then I read this thread, haha! Phew.
  17. Yeah already adding that. Haha, we'd never close bro :emoji_wink:.

    Thanks for the detailed feedback :emoji_slight_smile: