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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dave, May 22, 2013.

  1. Boring old wrestling

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  2. New shiny Far Cry banner

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  1. Recently I was talking to Crayo (flirting) when he stumbled upon a beautiful theme with a Far Cry banner. Now, I know what you're all saying; "But Mr Dave, thus us a wrestling forum not a Far Cry forum". This got me thinking, why should we design the theme around us? Why not design us around the theme? So I propose we become a Far Cry forum so we can use the Far Cry theme and just forget about all the wrestling stuff.
    When it comes down to it they're almost the exact same thing anyway, just guys fighting other guys.

    Y'all know what I'm saying?

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  2. #Dave4Admin
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  3. How bout no?
  4. How bout Yes?
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  5. What's up with that penguin? Anyway I vote yes, these idiots no nothing about wrestling anyway.
  6. At least we know about grammar.

  7. Cry more pussy.
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  8. Excuse my ignorance but what in the blue hell is far cry?
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  9. Video game, learn to be from this century Grandpa.
  10. Video games are for nerds.
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  11. Don't worry we are all nerds here.
  12. It's the Linux TUX penguin :emoji_wink:
    Wrestling shmestling!

    I have a dream, a dream where every forum member can see the beauty of the Far Cry banner, a dream where members are able to adapt to change, a dream where that change is a far cry theme, and most importantly, a dream where Dave is admin.... I have a dream. #Dave4Admin
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  13. great post ryan :yes:
  14. fuck you buddy.
  15. I voted WRESTLING. Far Cry is for DWEEBS. Oily pecs or GTFO
  16. Nobody here even plays Far Cry. NOBODY
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