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September 7th I was let go from bellstores. I've made some mistakes of not paying attention to the customers and My lunch breaks ended up being almost 30 mins whenever Joe would stop in. However, I WAS getting Bored at Bellstores anyhow so I did alot.. ALOT of online applications. Prob to about 8 dif places. Actsr being out of work for almost 3 weeks... I am now currently working Part Time at Kohl's and in the process of looking for a second part time Job. Hopefully with Lowe's. I've been in and out of interviews the past few weeks. Tomorrow morning I hv a 10am interview with Panera Bread. My Mother now has Chickens (ugh, I liked them as Babies) I'm NOT A Farmer girl type and will never be. I do still have my Jeep... HOWEVER! It now needs a New Steering Pump AND recently found out it needs a new Hazzards Button. The left/right blinkers work, But the hazzards do not. Which is odd. Found out myself that they are there as long as I have that button pressed and held down almost slightly half way otherwise it won't hold the position. Secondly, I have a November Date coming up to FINALY Get my CCW License. I took the class which was fun. And for it being my first time ever shooting, he said I was actually a better shot than my Mother. Have had to reschedule my License twice so far. Hopefully I'll get it BEFORE the Snow hits.

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