Survivor Series UPDATED: Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey cancelled

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by ThePhenom97, Nov 13, 2018.

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    I hate to be the one to break this to you guys but Becky Lynch is possibly pulled from Survivor Series this Sunday.

    After a Devastating punch from Nia Jax :emoji_unamused: she may have received a Concussion and Broken Nose

    This isn't going to sit well with alot of fans many people anticipated this match and now we have a stinking injury not just to Lynch but the whole show

    Even though I don't watch the women's division much, I didn't care who won I just wanted them to have a good match for the fans.

    But now this maybe a huge problem in The Survivor Series card.

    If she's pulled IDK how they can make it up.

    Any responses?
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  2. [​IMG]

    Who the hell hits someone that hard!? Why even have her in a match if she is this much of a danger? Can't even control a punch.
    She needs to be pulled off the main roster and put into training again cause this is ridiculous.
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  3. So where is all the outrage over this? I mean, when Brie gave Liv a concussion and such people were ready to burn her at the stake.
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  4. Maybe they don't believe or maybe it's just me. But no one can't say they wasn't warned
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  5. She should be burned for that.
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  6. guys remember there was this guy around here
    who commented repeatedly that Nia Jax was dangerous
    & shouldn't be working on the main roster?



    For Fuck Sake!

    Possibly the biggest women's match of the year & the
    biggest (wrestling) match of both Becky & Ronda's
    careers has now been throw into jeopardy because
    and I repeat...AGAIN...


    Her lack of skill & ring awareness combined with her
    sheer size makes her a danger to anyone she shares
    the ring with!

    I'm fucking outraged!

    I'm like fucking livid right now!
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  7. You've got so many people on the web saying...

    "Nia sucks", "She needs to be fired", etc.

    Truly I am glad that the divas are stepping their game up lately. But that doesn't mean be the Female version of Mike Tyson

    But just hope Becky can still have a chance of competing. Because people were itching for this match!
  8. Accidents happen remember when AJ Styles was breaking every indie rookie's neck who didn't know how to take a Styles Clash? Samoa Joe ended Tyson Kidd's career
  9. Taking a move is different, this was just a basic punch. There is no excuse here. It is such a basic thing you learn in wrestling and she managed to screw it up. It wasn't a matter of Becky not taking it right either, Nia flat out decked her in the face like they were having a bar fight.
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  10. Ok I think Nia maybe didn't know her own strength. I mean look at the size difference
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  11. For someone who calls herself the man gets knocked out by a punch from Nia. WOW
  12. Oh just look at twitter, it's bad and #FireNiaJax has like 10k tweets if not more. Nia's feed/comments under every post of her is awful too.
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  13. Yeah, Grievous was always saying it like a madman, but I guess he told the truth finally.
    This guy gets it.
    Good! Also, I don't get on the Twitter so I didn't know.
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  14. If you think about this may be the first time an Irish person lost a bar fight, lol.
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  15. Truly now that this has happened I WWE were to try to get me to BUY a TICKET to Survivor Series this is my reaction...

    Expect empty seats Vince expect empty seats...
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  16. What is with your obsession with WWE and Spongebob Squarepants, now, lol?
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  17. Lol I was just watching it a lot recently. My bad

    Now you have got me laughing at myself Extremely:emoji_joy:
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  18. She is a professional though and bigger athletes all know they have more force behind their hits.
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  19. Welp this f**ked up. Nia should kiss her title shot and feud with Ronda goodbye.

    She doesn't deserve anything except a suspension or a spot in the Unemployment line after this

    No match for Becky:emoji_frowning2:. This is bullshit
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