UPDATED Fite TV says WWE isnt Trying To Buy Them


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FITE TV on twitter has responded to fans asking about WWE buying them or being in talks, Fite TV says that isnt the case, so AEW fans can breath a sigh of relief!

However if you still want to read the original story, you can read ti below!

The war between AEW and WWE continues to intensify as WWE are now looking to buy Fite TV, a streaming platform AEW has used for their shows, other companis liek Impact ROH New Japan and many others also use Fite TV.

You can read more below, this was reported by the wrestling observer,

WWE Reportedly In Talks To Purchase Fite TV - Wrestling Inc.

WWE really wants to strangle the life out of AEW as fast as possible, with all their recent actions this comes as no surprise, WWE putting NXT on TV to syphon viewers, putting Evolve on the network to counter program AEW, paying their superstars even more money just to say, and not letting others leave, bringing in Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, the list goes on with WWEs efforts to do whatever they can to stop AEW before it can even start. They do not want any WCW level threat on their doorstep, and they are useing everything they got and doing whatever they can to slow down and stop AEW.

WWE has yet to successfully buy fite tv, but one would think ROH New Japan AEW Impact and all the other companys that use fite will no doubt fire back and do what they can to make sure this deal doesnt go through, time will tell.
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