Royal Rumble Updated List of RR Contenders (Fandango)

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  1. Fandango has been added to the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble match. Here's an updated list of the confirm entrants:

    - CM Punk
    - Batista
    - Big E Langston
    - Cody Rhodes
    - Goldust
    - Rey Mysterio
    - Alberto Del Rio
    - Kofi Kingston
    - The Miz
    - R-Truth
    - Xavier Woods
    - Fandango

    That would be 12 of 30
  2. 18 more? Bryan v Bray is rumoured so I'll leave them and Harper/Rowan out.

    Roman Reigns
    Dean Ambrose
    Seth Rollins
    Jack Swagger
    Antonio Cesaro
    Damien Sandow
    Curtis Axel
    Dolph Ziggler
    Wade Barrett
    Brodus Clay
    Zack Ryder

    There's another 12, leaving room for 6 surprise entrants or returns. Fuck Santino/Hornswoggle/any comedy BS entering. Not enough room for the lowest jobbers like 3MB/Los Matadores/PTPs. I've forgotten The Usos and no one cares about them as singles competitors so put them on the pre-show against 3MB.
  3. I'm stealing your signature and there is nothing you can do about it.
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  4. I'll say Titus O'Neil from PTP will be in the RR, guy is talented enough to be in there.
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  5. New age outlaws will be in it, 3mb probably also, at least 1-2 of them. Remove Ryder im not that lucky.
  6. The roster has enough depth to do a 40 man rumble again, but that sucked last time. There could be some big names missing out here.
  7. Bryan is winning so he should be counted in your list Brad, also Bray and Bryan will both be in despite having a singles match.
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  9. Yeah bro, I haz inside sources.
  10. We all know Fandango is gonna come out with summer, dance outside the ring until the next entrant comes out, and then that entrant will attack him, anyone wanna bet that?
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