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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 1, 2012.

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  2. Thats not many matches :sad:
  3. Don't worry Vince, we all know WWE logic. 3 matches will be made the week before the PPV, and about 2 matches will happen at the PPV that we didn't even know about.
  4. Hope Ryback will have a feud :sad:
  5. Me too.

    & This is my new favourite smilie :pity1:
  6. I have so many smilies added now :yay:

    so who do you think miz is facing?
  7. Punk/Cena should be a really good match. They will get loads of time as well.

    Hopefully Bryan enters a fued with somebody other than Kane, and Ziggler gets put over by boreton. I'm not hopeful though.
  8. I'm not sure, They'll probably book Mysterio again, I'm not sure.
  9. Night of Rematches.

    Has Santino's rematch been announced?

    Meltzer reported that there will be a fatal-4-way for the tag belts, so it'll probably be a singles match.
  10. No not yet, but it Probably will be announced soon, and I don't know this Meltzer but people tell me to take his rumours with a pinch of salt, so they can't hold a lot of weight it would seem.

    They should do a fatal-four-way for the tag belts at TLC later this year.
  11. It doesn't matter who The Miz faces, he'll win because he's The Miz, and he's, AWESOME!
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  12. I like your take on it, I also believe The Miz will be champion. Hopefully he'll hold the title for a few months, and be in a reasonably good feud.
  13. Yeah, I want him to hurry up and get into a feud aswell instead of just having random matches with Cena and getting beaten. :/
  14. I wonder who'll face Cesaro. Santino again?
  15. Hopefully not Santino. He ruined that Title enough.
  16. I also hope it's not Santino, but I think they're going with that. :downer:

    Not sure who Miz will face. Is he feuding with someone?
  17. Brock Lesnar vs Miz :otunga:

    I wanna see CM Punk win this Pay-Per-View :sad:
  18. Aren't Ziggler-Orton probably gonna fight again at NOC? I just forced myself to watch Smackdown and at the end Vickie rubbed it in Orton's face somewhat that Ziggler was still the MITB winner. So maybe Orton will challenge Ziggler to put the MITB briefcase on the line? Also, I think there'll be a four way tag team (elimination?) match for the tag titles between R-Truth/Kingston, Usos, Primetime Players and Tyson Kidd and whoever his partner was on SD.
  19. Nah they wouldn't put Lesnar and Miz together because Miz would squash Lesnar. Hahahaha I wish.
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  20. Screw it, why not throw that match on there? And why not throw the briefcase on Orton? Rumor has it that Orton will be the special referee so another ref doesn't screw up like they did at Summerslam, which would be a perfect way to give the belt to Del Rio and turn Orton heel. :obama:

    Figure Epico/Primo will be thrown in there over Kidd and Gabriel. If it's anything like the one at Over the Limit without Tyson stealing the show, yikes.
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