Updated ROH Death Before Dishonor X Card

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 5, 2012.

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  2. Kevin Steen vs Rhino... Kevin Steen vs Rhino... Am I reading this correctly?


    Hey Jim Cornette, do you know what you're doing? Who is going to buy a PPV to see Steen vs Rhino? No smark wants to see Rhino wrestle, the guy has negative charisma and one move and always has. He's always been a small piece of a storyline and there's a reason for that.

    The casuals, what few casuals even know you exist and even buy PPV's to begin with? You have 2 heel factions feuding and a small piece of one of them getting title shots...

    Cornette deserves his own face. The rest of this, Lethal vs Homicide looks good... Cole vs Mondo should be solid... Titus and Haas vs the Briscoes, okay... but there's nothing here that really makes me want to watch.
  3. Homicide & Jay Lethal didn't they both used to be in TNA?
  4. Tbh, only thing that interest me a bit here is Steen-Rhino tbh. Sorry Rainman. :burns:

    But yeah, ROH sucks balls and thanks for that Jim, you stupid fag.
  5. Yes, Homicide was part of LAX and Jay Lethal was the guy who imitated Randy Savage for a while.
  6. Then Homicide became jobber, Lethal imitated Flair, beat him, got pushed and then randomly gone and fired.:upset:
  7. :dafuq: I actually like Jay too :sad:
  8. Fucking Russo.
  9. By that point, they damaged Lethal's character so much (6-time X-Division champion, each reign being horrible) that it didn't even bother me. Amazing talent, would love to see him back in TNA.

    (Yes, that's my ROH response now. "Hey, this guy's good! TNA! TNA! TNA!)

    And it's cool, Testifab.
  10. The ACH/KO match has my full attention. Otherwise, the match-card is crappy.
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  11. The RoH roster hasn't been really that great for awhile, but i am excited about the Tag Team Title Tourny and Lethal vs Homicide will be pretty good. Both Homicide and Lethal are good. Happy Davey Richards is returning aswell.
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