Updated WM Buyrates & More

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2012.

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  2. Not much of a change. Some things went up, some went down, keeping an average, I guess. But I always laugh at fake attendances/buyrates, I mean... faking it just to say you broke a record? Saying there are more people then there actually are? :dawg:
  3. Anyone else find it funny that Cena / HBK drew more than Cena / Rock ? I wonder how we could blame Miz.
  4. Was wondering the same thing.
  5. Oh dear, such a shame about the WM buys :lol1:
  6. It didn't. The Donald Trump thing was obviously, without any argument, the reason for WM23's huge success. They were even asking celebrities on the red carpet who was gonna win the hair match at the event.
  7. Sigh, it was a tongue in cheek comment based upon the respective main events and the comparison of Shawns lack of drawing power often cited in comparison to Rocks. I know sarcasm doesn't travel too well over the Internet but surely it was ringing through the entire post.
  8. The Miz thing was obvious sarcasm, but I wasn't too sure about the first part of the post since I've seen people state similar illogical things before, on this board alone.
  9. Ok, sorry about sounding like a complete dick in my last post btw.
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