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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. A couple of weeks back I posted what was rumoured to be the WWE13 roster. Here is a updated roster coming from this source.

  2. Sexual Chocolate is in Giant Gusta.
  3. I think I'll buy this just so I can stun HHH constantly.
  4. Do a match with AE Vs. current day HHH, see which one jobs.
  5. No contest finish, guaranteed.
  6. A game worth buying.
  7. Well, I'll buy it. :haha:
  8. I'll wait until it drops to about 20 then pick it up, no way am I paying 40 for a wwe game.
  9. WWE Games are 60$ when they come out, in about a years time they drop down to 50$. When next years version comes out it drops to 40$-45$. 3-5 years later it drops down to 20$. So that's a lot of waiting.
  10. Not really considering they retail at about £40 here in the UK brand new and then the christmas hype kicks in and goes they drop to about £25.
  11. WTF! Still no Riley or Kidd, come on! :annoyed:
  12. They're gonna have to include GM mode or spesh ref to make me even remotely interested in buying this game. Haven't enjoyed any of them since '07.
  13. Where the hell is Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty
  14. Rikishi and WWE aren't on good terms. Why do you think they didn't use him in Blast from the past?
  15. Wheres Booker T? and William Regal? meh, at Least Cactus Jack is in. Roadd Dogg, X-Pac, Triple H And HBK is in? Time to make the Real D-Generation X :awyeah:
  16. Is Ryback in this game?
  17. There is Ryback chants recorded but i Think He might be DLC.
  18. THQ likes milking people for money, so Ryback will probably be DLC as Regality said.
  19. I havent played a wwe game in like 7 years ;o
  20. So much for THQ's efforts to "use the entire roster" like they wanted to do, but WWE has full control of the video game roster. THQ wanted to have a All-Stars like game for the PG vs AE concept and use the NXT guys.

    So WWE cost themselves my $60 by not doing so.
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