Updates on Bourne, Christian, and Henry..

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    I'm ready for their returns...
  2. Bit of old news since this has already been reported. Still nice to know they are on schedule. Not that pleased with the opinions of whoever wrote this article on Bleacher Report. Like who wants the Hall of Pain to end? It was awesome!
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  3. So Hunico was injured? I noticed that I hadn't seen him for quite some time yesterday or something, so that's why.
  4. Already posted Christian and Henry, but it's news on Bourne I suppose.
  5. Yeah he has a torn ACL. Regal turned it into a story instead on NXT where he said Hunico had attacked someone and gotten into some trouble with either a gang or the law.
  6. Okay. Hunico's in it too.
  7. Forgot he even existed.
  8. Very nice.
  9. :shock:
  10. Who's Hunico? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  11. :shock: Hannah!!
  12. Yes, and how did you know my name? :pity:
  13. Your name's in your sig. :lol1:

    You don't like Hunico? I'm not a fan of him but I don't dislike him.
  14. That's the name of my OC RP! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P Not mine!

    I don't like Hunico in the sense that he doesn't appeal to me. Pretty much the same with yours, I guess
  15. And people call you by that name too. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:p
  16. Only old members call me Hannah. :emoji_grinning:

    But I would to be called Angel or Scarlette. I hate my first name, too common and too palidromish.

    Notice the different spelling on the Scarlette than on the traditional Scarlett. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  17. Bourne's WWE career is over, I dare to say.

    Enter TNA and Indys.
  18. Sadly. I love Bourne. :(( It's just that substance abuse thing... :((
  19. I'll call you Scarlette. :happy:
  20. The smiley made it creepy. O_O
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