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  1. I'm trying to reduce the cost of email sending for the forum.
    There are endless amounts of emails sent for members who watch threads with email notifications, but these emails are never opened and not needed to be sent in many cases.
    Please visit the following pages and adjust your preferences if you don't need these emails,

    Account Preferences - Uncheck "and receive email notifications of replies" if you don't need them

    Contact Details - Uncheck "Receive email when a new conversation message is received" if you don't need them

    If you want to go one step further, visit your Watched Threads and unwatch popular threads you no longer contribute to. You can watch them again after without email notifications if you like.

    Again, only necessary if you don't want these emails. If you do, change nothing.

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  2. Unchecking "Receive site mailings" isn't necessary. These are only batch emails manually sent by me and are very rare (none this year). @MildlyUpsetGerbil @:OPJAKE
    Selecting "No" for "Watch threads when creating or replying" will mean you don't get a forum alert at all. Best option is simply "Yes". @Sanic

    Just so you know. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. You saw that? What are you, God?

    And okay, I'll recheck it.
  4. XenForo has a user change log in the admin panel, I can see any account changes made. :adr:
  5. That's slightly scary.
  6. I turned off the notifications for replies but I'm still getting emails. Is there a reason for that?
  7. It doesn't update existing preferences in your Watched Threads. If you unwatch and rewatch, you won't get emails.
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