Upgraded to 1.6.8

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Forum has been upgraded. Please report any bugs and issues here. Thanks.
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  3. :dawg:
  4. Can we get a new skin for this forum? :burns:
  5. Why?
  6. Our theme > any other. So no, lol.
  7. What theme, it's just dark forum. And I didn't mean replace the current theme, I mean get like 2-3 different themes that people can change between which they like most. You know, alternatives.
  8. It's not just a "dark forum" lmao.

    I am looking to changer parts of this theme, but no, we won't be adding a different one. Perhaps in the future we might add a light version but this takes money which is something we don't have much of.
  9. I like the current skin. :sad:

    Got a bug. I'm trying to reply to a thread and it's telling me to reduce my message to one that's below 85 characters. :upset:
  10. That happens with long titled threads, always has unfortunately. Fix it by clicking new reply instead of quick reply and remove the "RE" in the title.
  11. I see, thanks Crayo. That thread did have a long title.
  12. I know a guy that made a Miku skin for his forum on his own. He also had a silver default skin. :obama:
  13. I could make a theme on my own. But it just won't be as good since I fucking suck at graphics. So does Xanth. If you want quality you must pay for it :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. How can I see who liked my posts? I'm always curious and clicking on it does nothing.
  15. I Don't think there is a way. But there is a way to see who repped you.


    You need some good GFXers. And what about the money that people donate? :obama:
  16. Hosting.

    @[R'Albin] If you see a post which has been liked, click the number. You can do that as a legend.

    Also you can view your own posts (go onto your profile and click view your posts) and see on the side which has been liked. Then go to that post and click the number. It's a bad method I know but it was never finished.
  17. Never new I could see which ones had been via my profile, awesome :themiz:
  18. Thanks for informing.
  19. Too bad it only works for legends.
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