Upgraded to MyBB 1.6.10

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Nothing to be excited about, but please report any bugs you see around the forum, because we're now using MyBB 1.6.10. Please only use this thread.

  2. @Predator test
  3. Don't see any bugs. I'll tell you if I see spiders #HorribleJokeIsHorrible
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  4. We know of the quote bug, where you seemingly can't quote people, but using multiquote still works.
  5. test
  6. Nigpo
  7. Tried to quote Nigpo...didn't work.

  8. Fixed the quote thing @Predator
  9. Seems like quoting isn't working right now.
  10. Is now. @euantor helped us at MyBB lol.
  11. Not in the mobile version yet, do you have to change something there as well?
  12. Does it work now?
  13. Yes, but the quote button is a broken img, lol.
  14. Working on it ^
  15. Done. Can you try it?
  16. Works perfectly now. Good job!
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  17. What does this mean that we've upgraded?
  18. This will fail as i cant quote but @Crayo
  19. FFS! Lmao
  20. He changed his username to @Predator lmao
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