Upgrading 2 members to Superstar

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Already have my mind on 2 members that are worthy. Post some names of users you think are worthy of superstar. (You can also nominate yourself if you're not already superstar)

    Thanks :obama:
  2. I don't think @"Senhor Perfect" is in any upgrade group is he?
  3. Legend.
  4. Who's none upgraded?
  5. Currently online:

    Alpa Chino, bigsmokey19, Delbusto2, GTI, HALO, Hdawg, HSS, Ironman666, JeebaK, lilrock2561, mh0707,Pop Tatari, Roobik, Stone Cold ET, tgill85, ThreeXBetterThanU

    I can take 3 names out of there that I know are worthy.
  6. I would like to, but I'm already almost at 15 NP (Going to win some with The Predictions Thing too) but what about Swangirl? She's a new member but promising nonetheless. And also Pop Tatari.
  7. Pop Tarti seems smart.
  8. ThreeX and GTI for sure
  9. Upgraded GeekGoddess. Turns out the description and price don't match, it's $15 so I can only do one. My second choice was @GTI but he said he was saving up NP to buy it himself.
  10. ThreeX deserved it. Dude is hilarious and has great perspective on most topics
  11. Duly noted.
  12. JeebaK?

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