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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Can we have some sort of guidelines for the Uploaders group?
    I'd happily write some and check them with Hoss to make sure they're good.

    Just after what happened today with Webx, and in all honesty it was really my fault. He's new to uploaders so isn't familiar with what happens so I should have asked him first, but then again, if we had guidelines, everytime a new uploader joins these guidelines can be sent to them so they know how it works.

    Sorry @[Webx] :sad:

    I would have made some already but didn't want to be seen as trying to take over, be a mod etc.

    Thanks! :jeritroll:
  2. Let's see what you've wrote.
  3. WWEForums Uploader's Group Guidelines

    Welcome to the WWEForums Uploader's Group.
    Here are some guidelines to help you get going now that you're in.

    1) Each week there is one stuck thread for each show, be it WWE, TNA or any other weekly promotion.
    If there are multiple threads made for the same event, all links are taken and merged into the one stuck thread,
    and credit is given for each link from each user.


    2) If a stuck thread has been made, please don't make a new thread. Please go into that thread and post your links in that thread.
    Then report the post so that a staff member can see it, and they will add the links to the first post. All links are added to the first post,
    so that it's easier for users who are trying to view the videos, to save them going through multiple of posts to find the links.


    3) If you ever have any problems with uploading videos, PM a member of the Uploader's group.
    Below are a list of users in the Uploader's group and there specialties:

    Big Hoss Rambler - Gaining more video views and subscribers on videos, general video support.
    Jonathan - Uploading and downloading support, seedbox support, encoding support, general video support.
    Webx - Using a server to host flash video files.
    ~Leo - General video support.


    4) All PayPerView links are banned from being posted in public. You may post a thread saying you have your links available,
    but they must not be posted in public. You can PM them to users who ask for them.

    5) You are asked to kindly put an advertisement for WWEForums in the description of any of your videos.
    This is not required however it builds up the WWEForums member base and is much appreciated by all members.

    Here is an example advertisement that you can use:

    Join http://wweforums.net - The greatest Wrestling community on the Internet today! Join for discussion, prizes and great quality, HD shows and PPVs. GO HERE TO SIGNUP: http://wweforums.net/member.php?action=register&referrer=XX
    You need to edit the XX after referrer= to your UID. You can find that by going to your profile,
    looking at the URL and getting the numbers at the end.
    For example, mine is http://wweforums.net/member.php?action=register&referrer=26


    All Uploader's are asked to follow these guidelines to keep a smooth format for all.
  4. 2, 4 and the last bit of 3 isn't needed (no one has specialities really, Big Hoss has it all lol). The rest I pretty much agree with.
  5. I guess 2 isn't important.

    I'd say 3 was important. Does Hoss know how to encode a rip or how to setup a seedbox? :lol1:

    You told me we can't post PPV links in public... :dafuq:
  6. You can't but it's a site rule... It's like adding a rule "no flaming", why add it if it's already there?
  7. Oh, I see.
    Didn't know you had announced it publicly.
  8. Its ok bro i just didnt like how you added my link without asking and wouldnt remove it no hard feelings.
  9. Great! :jeritroll:

  10. Jonathan Super PipeBomb!
  11. Pipebawwmmmb!

    Randy Savage, please accept me into the group.
    I applied twice and it got declined.
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