Urgh.. I hate to be such a pessimist

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  1. But Survivor Series is gonna be fucking terrible. I bloody hate these 5 man tag matches and the WWE using their main guys in it scares me. Unless they bring a big name in (where!?) then this will most likely be the card:

    5 vs 5 Match

    Big Bore vs Boremeus

    Cena vs Ziggler (Will obv be MOTN)

    Rey and Cara vs a team I don't give a fuck about

    Cesaro vs Truth

    With two weeks of build -_-

    Can't just be me who's feeling utterly apathetic about this PPV even at this early stage?
  2. To be honest SS has been quite shit for a long time. Team matches are only there because it's tradition, there's never any DECENT build now. It doesn't help that it's 3 weeks away from a terrible PPV in HAIC too. They really need to ditch the HIAC timeslot PPV and fucking build SS to be one of the top four it supposedly is. But yeah, it's going to suck.
  3. Indeed. Just a few weeks of build along with the 5 on 5 matches results in... mediocrity at best.
  4. The problem is by throwing all your main midcard guys in the elimination match, it leaves very little to work with in the undercard. Oh well. The elimination match should still be good - they're always more tolerable when there's only or two of them to make them feel more special and I love the tradition of it. Cena-Ziggler should be great. The rest should be decent. It's always your top 2-3 matches that sell the PPV anyway and most of us will be watching for free.
  5. Yeah, we're going to have lots of filler matches on this PPV...
  6. I think all the matches will be fun.. Except the Cesaro vs. Truth one. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  7. I really wish they'd throw an unhyped NXT 5-on-5 match on the card, I'd mark so hard for that and it would fill out the card. Oh well.

    Anyway, they've gotta start using the people on the roster they aren't right now if the roster's too thin to fill out a card.
  8. Yeah, 5 matches were listed and I'm pretty sure about those, so how many more, 3?
  9. Yes. Put people from the roster that they don't use on the ppv to fill out time. Kidd and McGillicutty has proven time and again that they can have awesome matches. Give them ten minutes on a PPV and let them loose.
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  10. WWE PPVs in general are shit (aside from WM and even then they haven't been anything too special in a while now)
  11. Agree in principle, but the best they can have is 2 weeks of build. A match like this would kill the crowd atm.

    Just hope WWE can learn a lesson, but it's probably better than to just realize Vince is senile and won't change.
  12. They might chuck in a diva tag match, not that that sweetens the deal all that much because it will be over in about 2 minutes.
  13. SS is gonna suck worse than a dyson.

    Plus if HIAC was anything to go by then we really need to worry.
  14. On the subject of NXT, anyone think it would have been cool for a battle Royale for a spot on Foley's team? Would have been a good opportunity to give them exposure.
  15. That would've been a great idea plus NXT is the most watchable of the shows atm so that would just have added that little bit xtra to precedings.
  16. Yes i like it they could throw in a stipulation like the winners get promoted to raw/smackdown
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  17. Definitely. Would cause absolutely no harm at all IMO.

    Love this.
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