News Uruguay makes weed legal

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    I think it is a sensible idea, that many people smoke weed it may as well be legal and taxable.
  2. I know where I'm moving :tough:
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  3. How's the vacationing in Uraguay nowadays?
  4. They need to just legalize it everywhere already. Alcohol and prescription drugs do more damage then weed ever has. I don't do none of this but honestly feel weed is the safest and least likely to ruin friendships, relationships or families. Not to mention many people who are older who drink would switch over to it because it is legal now. I can't tell you how many 40+ people have said they would rather smoke then drink but can't risk their job so they settle for drinking. Also, weed is very hard to get addicted to compared to alcohol or prescriptions (not all, some). I don't know one person who has said "I am done smoking weed" and had trouble not smoking it.
  5. Isn't Uruguay full of forests? Would be cool to smoke an ounce of dank somewhere in the treetops and just hang out all day. Then trying to figure out how to get down once you're high as fuck, low on weed and need munchies.

    D'Z, lets make it a date?
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  6. You posted what I was thinking, damn you!
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  7. Make a tree house. Then get so stoned, you'll think you can walk from tree to tree in midair get to meet Dio.
  8. No it is full of canibals. :tyson:

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