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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Saylor, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. I personally feel the new US Champion should be Otunga at this current stage then have him feud Kofi Kingston, R Truth, ect. The person that would really benefit from the title is Heath Slater, could you imagine him as the US Champion? That'd be really entertaining and it would really develop him, put him on some sort of win streak then put the title on him, there you have it, your 1 step closer to making a star.
  2. The title needs to be meaningful first. I guess Otunga could be one half of making it meaningful. That title hasn't meant anything since Ryder and Ziggler feuded over it. Ryder really wanted the title and Ziggler sure as hell wasn't giving it up. That's the kind of feud for it I want to see again.
  3. Kofi vs Otunga for the title, that would be an epic back and forth feud. This could easily add creditability to the title therefore making it meaningful.
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  5. Otunga feuds with Riley over it.
  6. I still want to see Ryder in the US title scene. He is the perfect face for the mid card, not too serious but still not just jokes (Again look back at his feud with Ziggler for it). He is also underrated in the ring so he could work with most guys in the mid card for good matches. He is also insanely over which would lead to fans paying attention to the feud as well.
  7. They seemed to drop the ball with this guy with Kane burying him. They'd need a credible heel for Ryder to go over, though. Otunga's been jobbing to Cena so Ryder defeating Otunga wouldn't mean much at all, in all honesty.
  8. At the moment I think Otunga will be involved with Brodus for a while, at least until they decide for a full time Brodus vs Big Show feud. I'd love to see Ryder feud with Sandow over the title. Their characters have such different personalities that they are polar opposites. A feud between them could be great.
  9. Sandow's currently on SmackDown and I'd much prefer for him to stay on SmackDown instead of going on both shows, that's just my personal opinion. However, these two could have a great feud and would definitely have my interest.
  10. But the US title is currently held by a Smackdown star.
  11. That's perfectly fine however I don't want Sandow to go to RAW, I just want him to stick to SmackDown only. Sticking him to SmackDown and establishing him further would only benefit him, then they should move him to both brands. They should establish him on one brand first.
  12. They need to get the belt off Santino as soon as possible. There are many good options, if we're going to talk about Raw only, they could give Otunga the title, or even Zack, who's a pretty good option. Of course, if some guys who are in NXT (Kidd, Riley, McGillicutty, etc) were on the midcard things would be much easier. Back on my first day here, I suggested a storyline where Tensai won the title and made it a Japanese belt while trashing American fans, but I'm not really sure that would be a good idea today.
  13. Tensai as a champion would be really boring to be honest. Where talking about open brands, since it's a SuperShow. I was just stating that it's best to keep Sandow on SmackDown for now.
  14. I know, I posted it originally right after his first match, when people could still stand him. I agree with you on Sandow, he should solidify himself on SD first before he goes to Raw where only HHH and Cena have time. I don't really have a perfect US champ in my mind now.
  15. I personally wouldn't mind Heath Slater as a champion, the guy is gold.
  16. It could work, if he keeps getting some TV time followed by a push. He's good.
  17. If he somewhat get's on a little 'win streak' and defeats Santino for example, imagine his reaction, him on the mic after that boasting about it and his run. It would definitely be entertaining and he would draw.
  18. Fuck that title. Merge it with IC title and actually have a midcard belt that could help midcarders.
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  19. And give it to Kidd/Riley/Otunga they could restore the mid-card easily.
  20. Don't think it's going to happen any time soon, though.
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