US debt crisis?

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  1. Can any of you in the USA shed any light on this?
  2. At work and didn't click. But yea our "debt" is more than all of the money available in the entire world.

    It's just a number, really. Nothing that will ever be paid off lol.
  3. Cheers Dolph's jeez had no idea that your debt was that huge.
  4. We will either set a new limit or ignore the old one. Either way works. What is the point in these imaginary limits when every time we reach them we just say lol jk we can still borrow more.
  5. Honestly no idea mate. Always seems the same response though as you say.
  6. Debt means nothing to us. Either give us what we want or we'll forcefully take it. :tough:
  7. Just like how when Iraq started selling oil in euros only in 2000. 3 years later, while America was in Iraq for the so-called "war on terror", Iraq started selling their oil in dollars again.
  8. It's all just a bullshit ploy so the dollar can collapse which will lead to an electrical money system therefore they can track what you're doing, how much funds you have, etc.
  9. They already know this.

    Well, if you are worth knowing about that is. Maybe not Joe Schmoe, but if you are rich or making a lot of money through illegal means, rest assured they have a good idea of who you are and what you do.
  10. Our money system, like others, is to show for gold currency. Since we are in so much debt... Our paper money is almost not worth anything. I can see them doing away with it in the next 10 to 20 years. Maybe finding a payment/money system on a card or computer or something.
  11. Great addition. Yeah, that's correct. In their eyes we're nothing to them.
  12. Conspiracy theorists really make me laugh.
  13. The U.S. Has roughly 4,578 metric billion tons of gold stored in kentucky somewhere. I think we have 3% of the gold ever refined in human history there.
  14. Doubt the power of the government if you want. I've seen too much to think anything other than they know a helluva lot more as to what's going on than the average person could ever imagine.
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  15. They want to make the currency electric so they have more power. They can take out any group/individual at will. The government already has the power to kidnap any citizen and ship them to Guantanamo Bay without any due process due to the US Patriot Act. We'll likely see a World War 3 in the next 50 years. 9/11 was a conspiracy for America to enter Iraq under to get oil. The mainstream media is 100% controlled. And a year before 9/11 they started spreading propaganda against the middle east + Bush lying about Iraq having WMD's. Then once 9/11 happened all they had to do was point the finger at the "enemy" and the American citizens were ready for war. At some point the powers that be will invade Syria or Saudi Arabia for oil at which point China will wage war against America and there's the start of World War 3.
  16. FBI about to crash through Ambrose's window
  17. The conspiracy theory is not a product, one decent theory is not negated by the 10 crazy fucks portrayed after it. This is why things dont work. Ron Paul has conspiracy theories posted about him that you choose to believe (based on facts, but still deemed a theory) while Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z Being Illuminati are not. Doesnt mean both are false.

    This whole idea of Debt Crisis being negated based on the idea of the debt ceiling is inaccurate and disputable. The whole concept we can just raise the debt ceiling and will always do so without consequence forgets to mention the value of the dollar, which is behind in the world. While they prove a point based on the fact our interest by itself is thousands of dollars per person by itself for years, it doesnt negate the fact most likely there will come a day soon where we have no opportunity to fix it, or the people we are "indebted to" will cash in. Welcome to hell soon, people who spend 3$ at mcdonalds for a meal so you can get an extra 3$ worth of shit at Walmart, consumer whores.

  18. Didn't read most of it. Try not to obsess about this stuff though, that's dangerous.
  19. Don't obsess, since it doesnt effect your country. Ill keep it simple.

    1. We borrow money from the FED for every dollar created.
    2. We are nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt, which is thousands of dollars per person.
    3. The majority owed is to communist China.
    4. Walmart owners make up 4/10 of the richest people in America.
    5. There are limited/no taxes for manufacturing your products in Mexico/overseas
    6. Cornwall doesnt exist.
    6b. Our president isn't sure what "change" means.
    7. The media is owned by the richest people, and the only thing bigger than the killing of kids 2 weeks ago, was Tebow's possibly getting trained. 'Merica.
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