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  1. Following on from Clinton's speech about his support of Obama I thought this could be an interesting debate. Please try to respect the other members opinion even if it goes against yours. Debates are cool, just dismissing isn't.

    Any way the questions I have are the following :
    • Who do you think will win the race between Romney and Obama?
    • Who would you prefer to win the race and why, please keep this away from simple party preference focusing more upon the ideas the candidates are bringing?
    • Who would your realistic choice be as president (basically anyone who is still active in politics) and why?
    • Who would be your choice living or dead as the best to lead America, more of a fantastical approach just to see a differing opinion. It would be interesting to see what kind of attributes people are looking for. It must be someone who at least participated in politics and they would theoretically be up to speed with the modern world so to speak. No issues such as serving maximum terms are to be considered.

    This is only a semiserious at best debate so please treat it as such.
  2. Don't feel like explaining atm, but I like this thread

    Obama will win. I promise you that
    I prefer Obama win
    Ron Paul
    Bill motherfuckin Clinton
  3. This, this, this and this.
  4. Romney will win the election unless the economy improves markedly between now and November and the national debt disappears. The only thing that would prevent that would be them finding pictures of him playing golf with Satan or having sex with Filipino boys.
    I would like to see Romney win as a small-government libertarian. I believe his policies would be more likely to allow business the opportunity to achieve without interference from the government but also would keep government out of our bedrooms.
    I think Condoleeza Rice would make a terrific President.
    I would bring back Theodore Roosevelt from the dead (unless he's actually still alive, then we're okay) and make him President. He was a supreme badass and terrific President whose policies were almost uniformly successful and whose self-image translated well into the American ideal.

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  5. Writing in Ron paul so i dont give a fuck what idiot wins.

    Both are horrible candidates, one uses the race card the other his job experience. Neither one are who they say they are.

    Ron paul, he isnt pretty with his words but the guy would do waht it would take to give us a reason to have children and not have to work 2 jobs to eventually pay for them to live at a minimum wage. Paul/johnson make me really, really happy.

    Bill clinton, Debt free america, end of story. Get your dick sucked champ, you deserve it.
  6. no offense, but I lol'd 3 or 4 times reading this post
  7. I like to bring joy and happiness to people.

  8. Liked everything but Condoleeza. so bad.
  9. this except replace Condie with Herman Cain and replace Roosevelt with Reagan
  10. Please more conservatives post ITT. Comedy gold


  11. 9/9/9 is one of the dumbest ideas ever, because he forgot to include both forms of taxation for US citizens. His assgrabbing got him in trouble for real, but he was much better than where he ended. INB4 american idol joke.
  12. Came into this thread expecting to drop pipebombs on Kane, but it seems Aids and Dolph's have it covered. Quite glad I'm not the only Ron Paul mark here.
  13. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  14. Cain is a crazy man. Condoleeza Rice is a certified genius.

    Reagan was a very good president. Roosevelt was the man.

  15. funny that you think you could
  16. To be fair, he did say 'realistic choice'... no chance in hell the United States are putting a black lady in office any time soon.
  17. I wasnt hating on the idea, just saying i disagree. Kanenite vs the educated winners? Come on.
  18. Lmfao
  19. Let's be civil about it. Kane answer and post reasons why instead of just replying off someone else's. I think cain was a great look at, but im a paulite, and will stand firmly by someone who stands by their values on a consistent basis, who is shoved off the stage and has boo's put in like Fox news is taping smackdown the presidential debate.

    Cain is a flipflopper when it comes to the FED, which is the worst deal we have ever had to endure. We literally borrow money from a private bank to supply the american people as whole the money they earn. That means, you make minimum wage? take 1 dollar off the hour for taxes, and another .30 for the Fed.

    Looking forward to your reply. (rainman style)
  20. im not in the mood for a flame war.
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