Night of Champions US Title going on last? (They Wouldn't Really Do this.... Would They? II)

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  1. Seth Rollins Vs John Cena To Go On Last At WWE Night Of Champions?

    Wow... at first I thought Sting going for the belt was bad, they wouldn't really do THIS... WOULD THEY? (lol I saw the opportunity for that topic title after my Sting rant thread)

    I don't think so though, the idea has just been "on the table"
  2. Why are you surprised, bro? Vince doesn't want a WCW guy fighting for the company's major title in the ME, and he'll probably job him out in the opener. :dealwithit:
  3. That's still a disgrace to the WWE Championship
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  4. Triple H was a WCW guy, so was Stone Cold, so was Kevin Nash, so was Goldberg, so was Chris Benoit, so was Chris Jericho, so was Eddie Guerrero :sandow: Vince let's WCW guys win the big one all the time.
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    True, but HHH, Jericho, Benoit, Austin and Nash before (he came to WWF the first time) were never HUGE at WCW nor could any of them claim to be the embodiment of WCW like Sting can.

    On the other hand, Vader was WCW's dominant heel and 3 time champion who accomplished next to nothing in WWF. Luger was huge in WCW. .In WWF, despite getting pushed as a top babyface, he not only never won a title but he was booked the biggest victim of circumstance for years.

    Then again Ric Flair actually was the embodiment of WCW and he became only the second man in history to hold the WWF and NWA title (a distinction he and Buddy Rogers hold to this day).

    It's likely very individual, so although it seems like I was arguing against your post, I was actually agreeing
  6. I'm fairly certain this isn't happening. I wouldn't put it past them to do it, but the PPV is called Night Of Champions and regardless of who Seth is defending each title against, the WWE Championship is a much more prestigious prize to fight for than the United States Championship is, so treating it as such by putting it on last would be nice. The WWE Title match has the possibility of a MITB cash-in from Sheamus as well.

    If it means anything, lists Rollins vs Sting in front of Rollins vs Cena (at least if you scroll down the page for the full match listing.)
  7. This topic seems familiar to me....
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  8. Highly doubt it.
  9. Sting probably doesn't want to be up past his bedtime :booker2: OLD
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  10. Chris Benoit beat Sid Vicious, won a tournament and the WCW Championshio on his last night for WCW. Was he extremely huge? No, but they obviously had very big plans for him to be booked as their biggest star.

    Also, Steve Austin was really over, he was getting groomed for a big push. Winning the United States Championship, being managed by Harley Race, forming a multi-time championship team in the Hollywood Blondes, The Dangerous Alliance. Steve Austin even said that the plans were for him to get a big rub from Race, but when Hogan came in 1994, he halted his push in favor of him and his 40 year old buddies.

    Steve Austin and Benoit were known very well for being great WCW champions and competitors before coming to the WWE. They were known as big stars in WCW before coming over, so were they the embodiment? No, but they were very notable WCW competitors.
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    Well actually the Hollywood Blondes only held the title once, unfortunately, seeing as they were my favorite team at the time. Austin was also a cowardly champion that always saved his US title by deliberately getting counted out.

    Still, I pretty much agreed with you for the most part. And the argument that Vince always makes the biggest name WCW guys lose all the time does fall apart when Ric Flair, who is in fact more the embodiment of WCW than Sting ever was, is brought into mix.
  12. What the hell happened. This was just a book and now it's 2 paragraphs. :heyman:
  13. Haha, I kept evolving my thoughts. I've been awake for like 48 hours working on a pretty intense project. I kept thinking what I was writing was getting my thoughts across,but it wasn't. Plus I kept repeating myself... I just really didn't like the post I made because it was completely drawing me away from my actual thought on the matter.

    Both time, in essence, I agreed with your original point but for some reason I got too wordy and seemed like I was arguing against it when I actually agreed. In both posts I was expressing myself very poorly.

    See, I'm so tired I don't even know if this post makes sense but I will try not to edit it.
  14. I'm also letting my Japanese affect my English by leaving a lot of plural words written as singular.
  15. Get some rest. We old guys need our rest.

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  16. On my way to do that :emoji_slight_smile:
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  17. You guys aren't old, just not young anymore and with a lot more medical problems!. :sandow:
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  18. As to the OP,

    I just can't see this show ending with the U.S. Title match, but, if there were ever a situation where it could happen, this would be it.

    In fact, I see Rollins-Cena for the U.S. Title opening the show and Rollins-Sting (to be followed by Sting-Sheamus, which'll only take a minute) closing the show.

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  19. I'm in the best shape of my life so nyah nyah nyah

    ouch, stupid back hurting again....I mean, hey hey!
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  20. Pretty much agree with everything here.

    If they did put the US title match last, this would likely be the situation that they would do it but it would be more of a "We love Cena" thing than a "We hate WCW so Sting can't be in the main event thing."

    The world title match has to be last because there is something more to this story which is going to unfold and it won't unfold until the end of the show.
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