US TITLE & Rusev on the Network after Raw

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  1. For those of us who cannot get the Network ...
    I'm guessing it ended in a DQ.

    I can't be bothered going to the WWE mainpage, someone want to fill me in on all the action I missed?

    BTW, being in Canada and not a Rogers subscriber, anyone know how to hack apple tv to get the network?
  2. Nope

    Result (open)
    Rusev is now the US Champion

    When last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Buffalo, New York went off the air on USA, the action continued on the WWE Network with a US championship match. In it, Rusev submitted Sheamus with The Accolade, making good on his promise to "beat your American champion" and "take the belt back to Vladimir Putin".

    Man I hope they don't put Cena up against Rusev - what a waste that would be
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  3. HUH. I wonder if they'll do some photoshoots in Russia with it?
  4. Just incase I'll fill you in a little:

    -Rusev beat Sheamus for US Title which you probably knew

    I think Lana and Rusev will mess with the U.S. Title and make it the Russia Title
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  5. Other members of this board and myself have been hoping for Ryback vs Rusev. We'll see what happens, though.

    Nah, I don't think they could be arsed to make a new Russian/European title. I've said this before, Rusev will most likely come out with the US title and brag and say something like 'I'm your country's champion now. Bow down to me or I will crush you.'
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  6. Personally I disagree with title changes happening on Main Event, Superstars or WWEN.. Only a minimal fraction of wrestling fans get to see it live and enjoy.. however I'm glad Sheamus isn't the US champion anymore because now he can do different things that'll make his character a lot better (excluding ring work because he is a decent workhorse).. Ryback & Rusev would be my guess for his next program after Sheamus' unsuccessfully has his rematch.
  7. Honestly surprised they haven't done network exclusive matches/title changes before.
    Seems like an easy way to up subscribers.
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