US Title to defended on RR preshow

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. What a waste of Cesaro :facepalm:
  2. Very fucking lame. Do many people even watch these pre-show matches?
  3. Then they complain why the United States Championship doesn't have any value either.
  4. FFS Cesaro VS Miz is not pre-show material...

    This match will be more interesting for me than the WH title match between Show and ADR. :FACEPALM:
  5. It's on the pre-show because of the Rumble guys, I'm sure that if it was a regular PPV it'd be on the main card. Will be very nice to watch, having Cesaro it'll be a good match.
  6. Are you sure? WWE continuously stack the retarded pre-show up with midcard mediocrity. I wish they would spend more time building a credible midcard, and putting them on the PPV will definitely help that. What I don't understand is that WWE are desperately trying to get Antonio Cesaro over, so why would they shove him on YouTube with ~30,000 people watching? This will be yet another pre-show I will not be watching.
  7. Well, I'm giving them the benefit of doubt here, really. I agree with you, WWE's midcard is poor. No doubt about that, I just think that in a regular PPV, where they have 6 or 7 matches (maybe 8? Not sure), they'd put Cesaro there. They put him there with R-Truth on Survivor Series and TLC, not sure why him vs Miz wouldn't be there if it wasn't the Rumble PPV, where there are fewer midcard matches due to the Rumble Match itself. But I still see your point, their midcard could use better build.
  8. I guess you're right actually, I keep forgetting that there is far less time at the Rumble.
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