USA vs Brazil discussion thread.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 30, 2012.

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  1. Watching this with Dolph's. Easier talking here than statuses.

    Brazil only have a few first team players wtf. Neymar, Hulk, Marcelo and Thiago Silva are the recognisable ones. Oh well, gonna skill over USA's ass.
  2. oh no poor Brazil only Neymar and Hulk whatever will they do


    Hulk's going to Chelsea? lame
  3. Looks like it. Chelsea are going to be amazing next year.

    Dempsey not playing, so you can put your cock away.
  4. Yea I might as well. LD is a stud, but he doesn't tickle my fancy like Clint does.
  5. Penalty Brazil. lolowned
  6. Way to be Onyewu.

    Neymar's mullet is pro as shit
  7. My main man Neymar stuck that penalty away. Legend.
  8. I'm sure he will tell his grandkids about the time he scored on a penalty against the US in a friendly


    This ref is a fucking loser
  9. Both these teams pass the ball better than England atm. Your manager is great.
  10. Klinsmann needs to kick his fat hispanic ass
  11. Brazil look so fucking good going forward though. They commit so many players
  12. US back line is always sketchy as fuck.
  13. Man these Brazilians are sick. Young. Quick football, putting England to shame here. Not even the awesome US pressing is stopping them.
  14. This has the looks of a 4-0 type of match
  15. Hulk looks incredible going forward. Man is a beast.
  16. Nice ball LD, Bocanegra can definitely finish that type of look


    Onyewu is playing like a real dipshit
  17. 2-0. Dayum.
  18. Wonderful defense
  19. Future best player in the world and best center back in the world have scored.
  20. Silva was practically unmarked. Idk that I would say he is the best CB in the world either
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