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  1. Biiiitch please
  2. [​IMG]

  3. Those pictures are pretty outdated.
  4. I would definitely give the edge to Europe for education

    Hogwarts is a fine institution
  5. Lmao..

    The fail is on your side Ziggles.. Skrillex is from America.. Fuck motherfucking big ass fail my G..

    Second, I wouldn't give a damn.. We are the same.. No matter where you're from. :pity:
  6. lolUSA. Russia and China are pwning you like you're nothing. Long live PUTIN and socialism. C'mon, say that forbidden word: SOCIALISM!
  7. Lol'd so so hard. My face was literally :yay::lol1:
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  8. South America... :alone:
  9. South America > America

  10. :otunga:

  11. It rhymes..
  12. USA will always be the Stone Cold Steve Austin of countries. Kicking ass, being its own boss, and being number 1.
    And to all other countries: [​IMG]
  13. Then why is your economy failing at almost the same rate as Iceland's did mr number 1? And you slipping further and further down the list of the top educated countries in the world as well as the top list of countries people want to live in.

  14. because we have a shitty ass president.
  15. Even Stone Cold has his wrongs. He was a drunken redneck. But that didn't stop him. America has its problems, but there's a reason people from everywhere want to come and live the "american dream" rise from bottom to top.
  16. According to your conservative majority yes. According to the rest of the west. No.

    The rest of the western world likes the Obama administration and the things it has tried to implement. It's just that your two parted political system (with a senate and House of representatives I believe it's called?) that screws you guys over. If one party is in minority in one it will be majority in the other one. Of course you will run into roadblocks in any administration, Republican or Democratic. But Obama has been good for your standing with other nations. More countries have developed a more positive reaction to the US under the Obama administration than under the Bush Administration. You haven't been this popular since the Clinton administration (Clinton was boss btw). I think you could still be the undisputed top that you have been for awhile had you not had this split in two system of government. It causes too many roadblocks in any kind of program or suggestion put forward by either side that could have been avoided.

    Just my analysis. I have nothing against America. I just find that entire situation fascinating.
  17. Obama has been nothing but bad for our standing with other nations. We look weak to other nations, which is due to his constant apologies and his lack of leadership. Other nations like him more because under him they have pretty much been able to do whatever they want.
  18. Why should you police the world? You haven't exactly created order in Iraq. Had you left right after the war ended it would have sorted itself out in a year (According to a UN study). Instead the presence of Us troops only egged the already shattered populace into fights with their mear presence (not intentionally but if any country has been invaded and the enemy then stays after they say the job is done you can be damn sure people will want to drive you out.)

    Other nations don't see you as weak. We see Obama as a good strong leader for your country which has a clear, more modern vision for a country that is stuck in a mindset it should have left with the Vietnam war. Yet we do not see you as a country to just walk over. Your military might you already have has secured you the title of "Country no one fucks with unpunished" for at least another 100 years.

    The "America Fuck yeah!" mentality doesn't buy you any perks with 90% of the populace of Europe. It only enforces the redneck stereotype.

    These are not personal opinions but the general opinion of most of Europe.

    I myself have American relatives (Republicans) who'me I talk with regularly so I have quite a good view of this from both sides.

    The conservative side of the American political system sees Obama as weak cause he stands for everything they do not stand for. The rest of the world outside of the US sees a strong leader with a positive plan for possibly the biggest country the world has ever seen who is constantly undermined. No man can work his magic when the crowd is unreceptive of change.
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