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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Cloud, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Ok my laptop is rammed full of 220gb of music which is virtually capacity of my harddrive. Will a USB harddrive if I transfer all my music to it and tell Itunes to look there for my music be recognised by Itunes as where my music is storedand still sync?

    So naf with computers but I need space back on my harddrive for more tunes. Plus my computer so full it's getting stupid slow.
  2. The drive letter for the external hard drive should remain the same when unplugging and plugging it back in, so iTunes will always look on that drive.

    But if the drive letter changes for some reason, you can follow this guide to change it back to the one that iTunes knows to look in.
  3. Cheers Anon!

    Defo need to look into it as new laptop far out of my reach at the min but USB drive I can do especially one with decent capacity.
  4. Would an external hard drive not be a better option? High capacity USBs would be more expensive I think?
  5. Have no idea @[Leviathian] thats kinda why I'm asking. How do they connect though to ur laptop?
  6. I'm assuming that's what he meant. External hard drives connect through USB.
  7. USB port. I have a 1TB and it was £45, so they're pretty cheap.
  8. Hard drives went up in price because of a flood in the area that manufactures a high majority of them.
  9. THIS

    This is ideal. Cheers guys!
  10. Don't mind me, I'll just be here making factual posts and getting ignored.
  11. I need to get a new laptop...
  12. I read about that flooding in the paper, somewhere in Japan I think? I could be wrong though.
  13. Thailand I think. The prices have gone down a little from when it happened, but I just looked and a 1TB external HDD was about £80.
  14. £80? Damn, glad I got mine a while back then.
  15. Don't buy USB external hard drives in this time of age. They are really expensive at the moment because of the tsunami's. No joke. Just wait a few month's and then check 'em out again, they'll be cheaper.

    1 TB = €134,95 = £111,31 = $177,43..
  16. Wasn't ignoring you anon. Just got excited when I saw Leviathans.

    Hmmm guess it'll have to wait a while may just save for a new laptop instead.
  17. Yeah, be sure to buy one with a HDMI connection, if you have a plasma, LCD, LED or 3d TV, you can connect it with eachother and play the thing you are seeing on your laptop, on your TV.
  18. Sound advice. All though usually just use my PS3 for that download films to my lappy then watch them through my TV. But I see sense in ur way as well.
  19. Ah I see. Do you play WWE '12 online?
  20. No not a fan of this years WWE game not managed to get into it at all and found the few times I did that the servers lagged a lot.
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