Useless neighborhood watch prick who shot 17 year old finally arrested & charged

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. Zimmerman booked on 2nd-degree murder charge

    I'm pretty sure I had made a thread on this somewhere, but I can't find it.

    I really hope this miserable piece of shit spends the rest of his pathetic life in prison.
  2. R.I.P Trayvon Martin. Hope he's in a better place right now. Whether it was 2nd degree or not, he still took someone's life. I don't know the story but after a skim read of that Zimmerman made out that Trayvon Martin had attacked him which from reading that looks like complete bullshit. I hope Trayvon Martin's family find some comfort knowing their killer has been caught.
  3. Just saw his brother on television talking about it. Well, talking is not the word. The host was constantly talking and he could not speak, and if he could, the host would raise his voice to get the attention. -____-
  4. Wasn't a thread, it was in a random thread where we started debating it, and discussed US law. Thank god justice was done.

    RIP Trayvon.
  5. Let's not get ahead of ourselves Crayo.. justice isn't yet served.. You can bet your ass on a high profile case like this that there will be top notch defense attorneys lining up around the block to defend this guy. The burden will be on the state to prove he wasn't acting in self defense, so anything could happen.
  6. His attorneys are pleading for bail so I hope that doesn't happen. Deserves the maximum sentence.
  7. All we know is that Zimmerman shot him and admitted to it. We also know that the police had let him free because they did not have any evidence outside his confession at the time to charge him with a malicious crime. The "Stand your Ground" law in Florida allows people to use deadly force on an attacker before retreating. The social media out cry over race is the only reason the court gave this case a second look.

    We shouldn't jump to conclusions just because of underlying circumstances. This story would be dust in the wind if the kid was a year older and white. We need to get off our high horses for a second and realize the situation at hand. It is sad that Trayvon was killed, and I am sorry for his family. I am wondering how this will play out given the uproar this has caused.
  8. Depressing as this sounds and it truly is. He'll get a puny jail sentence be out in half the time due to "bettering" himself in prison. Come out with a degree etc and as happens in the UK a lot go on to a better life than some of us can imagine under an alias and support from the government in case he's ever attacked for what he's done.
  9. 1.) Why in the hell does a neighborhood watchman need to carry a gun in the first place?
    2.) His racial profiling of a black kid in a hoodie as a 'threat' is sickening
    3.) the 9-1-1 dispatcher told him directly that he wasn't supposed to follow the kid, and he did anyway.

    The guy was a moron, and had he not been such a daft dickhead the kid would still be alive.
  11. 8:00 = the middle of the night? He was watching a basketball game and was making a quick trip to a convenient store to pick up some Skittles during halftime. WHAT A HOODLUM.

    And you didn't address my third point at all. Whether Martin did or did not attack him is beside the point I was making. Zimmerman was told not to follow him, and did it anyway. Had he stayed put like he was told to and waited on the actual police to arrive, none of this happens.
  13. Someone starts a fight here, you either run or you fight back (fists only). No deaths happen because of a fight starting, this is why America's gun law is retarded.
  14. I'm gonna side with Crayo. Americas gunlaws are some of the most retarted laws I've ever heard. I know they are there to protect people but the reason so many people die by guns in the US is because they are so simple to get a hold of in the US.
  15. While American gun laws are retarded, this is a Florida state law that allows you to use deadly force if you feel threatened. "Stand your ground" is the most retarded shit I've ever heard of in my life.
  16. Everyone feels threatened at night regardless if there's anyone there or not. It's human nature. Not to be afraid of the dark, but to be afraid of what's in it. Naturally as your vision is impaired you feel vulnerable, and if you see someone covered up (with a hood, hat, whatever) your first thought is a negative. So adding that state law is the stupidest thing I've seen, I'm surprised there's not more deaths due to "self defence".

    However, in the UK we go to the other extreme. There was a guy who was robbing this old mans house, he took a bat and beat the living crap out of the guy to the point the robber was in hospital on life support, so the old guy gets arrested and the robber got no punishment.

    This happens weekly, you can't do nothing if you're getting robbed.
  17. Again, this terrible stand your ground law isn't a Federal Law, it's only in the shitty state of Florida. You wouldn't get away with putting a bullet in a kid's chest in other state's just because you 'felt threatened' after your stupid ass was the one following him around to begin with when you weren't supposed to be doing so in the first place.

    As far as beating someone with a bat if they are robbing you, here you would be shot for that shit and nobody would bat an eye.
  18. A lot of the law is a joke and in reality it should be down to common sense which seems to be severely lacking in areas nowadays.

    I've come up against the law a few times myself when being threatened in work so used force to eject someone from my premises only to get cautions of the police and questioned as to why I did it. It's a joke.
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