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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Jul 28, 2012.

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Should it be limited?

Poll closed Jul 30, 2012.
  1. You can only be in Team Showoff

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  2. You can be in Team Showoff plus 2 other groups.

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  3. No limit.

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. The reason you can see this thread is an example of the dictatorship in Team Showoff being claimed by Webx, one simple question do you class this as a dictatorship?

    From this thread we discussed the idea of limiting our members as to how many groups they can be a member of, vote here what you think should be done, poll will close in 48 hours.

    Against this - quote from Webx

    For a limit - Quote from me.

  2. Vote No limit stop the dictatorship from happening! Stop them from taking the rights of users away! here is your chance to save Team Showoff to becoming Team Controlall
  3. It's not controlling us if the magority votes for it, they just wouldn't vote for that option, you're trying to control us by telling us which option to vote for, Seabs is just letting us vote for what we want.
  4. So giving the users what they want is a bad thing? The majority wanted change so you know what I did, I offered them a change, a compromise so most are happy. If I wanted to control you I'd demand you left the group without consulting everyone else, hell I'd demand we all post here X amount of times a day. Team Showoff doesn't need saving, it could be improved and I'm always seeking ways to do that, it was one of the reasons I even recruited new members to try and gain a broader scope of what to improve. This is for the good of the group, it stops people collecting, allowing us to still be the most desired group as we don't have people who are just joining for the userbar. You always speak about how badly you wanted in and how it was the best group ever but you wouldn't even drop two groups to stay in? It doesn't make sense.
  5. WebX do you know what Democracy is? A democracy is where the citizens/members/users get to vote and decide through majoirty vote. A dictatorship is where one person rules supreme.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. So me giving a vote to members is a dictatorship?
  8. You're trying to control us now! You're acting like a baby over this, the majority so far disagree with you so you're just gonna have to accept that.
  9. :lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1:
  10. Sigged, congratulations you made me remove Sheldon.
  11. I voted no limit.
  12. I'm pretty sure you're not in team ShowOff.:gtfo:
  13. You might have a point actually.

    Depends if Seabs lets my vote count, if not, I'll remove it.
  14. We're the only people he socializes with, he never harasses other groups. I blame Mark.


    I'll let you vote, however if it causes a vote I'll probably remove it avoid issues.
  15. I'm just kidding anyway, none of the options effect me greatly so, i'm fine with his vote counting.
  16. Learn 2 make sense. Now who's the pasty poster. If my vote causes a vote you'll remove it? :dafuq:
  17. I notice you modified the post, did you make a spelling mistake? :hmm:


    So did I :upset:
  18. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :finger:
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