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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jul 6, 2014.

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  1. (yes, I am bored and flooding the LR with threads... deal with it) :tough:

    Take a movie title and change it to suit the person above you.

    An example for me would be 101 Cats (instead of Dalmatians) lol
  2. 101 cats.
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  3. Soli & Brita make a porno
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  4. Pretty Lad

    (HOOKER! :angry: )
  5. 13 going on 30 cats
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  6. Joe Dirt 2 (Joe's cousin Shadow)
  7. Sex and The Kitty
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  8. Duke of Hazzards --> Duke of Sorrow
  9. Ovalheads (Coneheads)
  10. The Mask (starring Jim Carrey)
  11. Terminator 2: Deathclaw day.
  12. Johnson Family Vacation: We're eating goat tonight!
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  13. @GOAT Johnson the death claw bit was pretty clever. Not sure if many catch the reference.
    My quick reply is garbage so I tagged
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  14. I liked both tbh.

    How about Lita: the roots edition, a 12 hour documentary narrated by Lita.
  15. The New Chappelle Show: F*** All of You

    Yeah, ironically two people in my SIG and one person in my avatar have ties to AJ Lee
    If death claw, the AJ mark she is, would either claw my eyes out or the other
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  16. White men can't hump
  17. American History Z
  18. Adult of Sorrow (Children of Sorrow) lolol
  19. The Cat Whisperer
  20. The Royal McMahons
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