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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. We're trying to introduce the User Promotions system which depends on Post Counts.

    This is how it'd work.

    Show Spoiler

    Level 1:
    Status: Regular user
    Perks: TBD
    Requirements: Registered user w/ 10 posts

    Level 2:
    Status: Active user
    Perks: TBD
    Requirements: Registered user w/ 2500 posts

    Level 3:
    Status: Super active user
    Perks: TBD
    Requirements: Registered user w/ 5000 posts

    Level 4:
    Status: Ultra active user
    Perks: TBD
    Requirements: Registered user w/ 10000 posts

    We need some perks to give so people will compete for the promotions. Think of some cool features that you want.

    So far we got,
    - Underlined Usernames
    - Italic Usernames
    - Bold Usernames
    - Bigger Avatar Size
    - Probably some kind of an award for 10k+
    - Bigger Signatures
    - Userbar for each level
    - VIP Group
    - Different amount of stars for each level
    - Glowing Usernames
    - Free Username Changes
    - No auto merge double posts
    - No time limit in between posts
    - No image limit in posts
    - View who liked your posts

    Go ahead and post your suggestions. We'll review and decide which ones to add and which one goes for each level.
  2. Bigger sigs from 5/10k onwards?
  3. They could get an award for each promotion?

    P.S I like this idea.
  4. Interesting. Maybe an additional userbar to go with each level?
  5. I like the idea. No perk ideas but it'd be nice if you guys did that.
  6. Added.

    that would be too much awards. Added an award for 10k+ user.

  7. How about a VIP group of elite members. Only people above 15k posts can enter?
  8. What ever happened to those medals
  9. They looked stupid.
  10. Nice shout. Why did you guys drop the achievements?
  11. Option of glowing or sparkling names?
  12. They weren't working properly and were useless.

    Username styles will be a thing. Not sure on userbars.
  13. Not sure if that will be added but I'll put it in the suggestions list.
  14. Cash prize of $5 if you reach 20,000 posts.
  15. Would be cool, could be something like this:

    Level (top line)
    Regular/Active etc (bottom line)
  16. Basically an admin board at the moment lmao.

    Great idea tho.
  17. Level 1 and 2 is so much apart IMO
  18. you think Crayo would pay a penny?
  19. yah we might add another level in-between .
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  20. I'm not sure.
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