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  1. Is there any way we can hide some of the userbars and use only one at a time? Like before.

    I'm in three groups + Legend, so now my shit looks all colorful and fruity. inb4 some witty comment ( :finger: )

  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Its limited to legend and three custom, should be legend+1 or 1 custom for non-legend.
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  4. We'll probably make it so only one group displays, but that means doing it manually and deciding which group(s) take priority. This is why group userbars are such a pain, lol.

    For now, you'll need to just put up with it. This might be a good incentive for groups to have rules where you're only allowed in one group at a time.
  5. But deth... I thought you loved fruit!? :ksi:
  6. I like how this is right now but before it was better imo. I mean, before userbars were bigger and things "old" users know, and if groups with a one group only limit wanted to know how many groups they were in they should work a bit harder than now, now they can see one of your posts and know how many groups are you in...
  7. READ THE INB4 :angry:

    But yes, yes I do :gusta:
  8. Your song ...>


  9. *unfollows you*
  10. :sad:
  11. jk :tyson:
  12. :yay:
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