Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Mike., Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. i want one :win:
  2. Join NOD.
  3. Show Spoiler

  4. Such a boss.
  5. Mike > All
  6. Join Showoff... Oh wait, Seabs won't let you. haha
  7. :yay:
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  8. Where's Xanth?
  9. Holiday, I think.
  10. Mike, you should get $17.50, and me $17.50... We could co-lead a froup :emoji_grin: :emoji_grin:
  11. we can buy a group waaaa
  12. Yeah $15 is the lowest price.
  13. Team DAWT
  14. I would join team DAWT.
  15. Just to hijack this thread, how come when I look at my group memberships in my user CP it shows that I have 2 available groups I can join? As it says I can join NOD and Show-off?
  16. you can join either or both or them. but they have to be approved by the leader.

    there are only 2 groups at the moment :3
  17. If you click join, the group owners will get a message to either accept or deny you. You can't actually just join and be in it instantly.

    They're there to show you the groups available to apply for :emoji_slight_smile:.
  18. Ahh I see, cheers. I actually thought there was way more than 2 groups to be honest, so I wondered as to why only 2 showed up.
  19. They're member-owned groups. There's more than two groups.

    - Uploaders
    - NOD
    - Team Showff
    - Superstar
    - Legend
    - Staff

  20. I think everyone expected more groups tbh lol.
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