Username change thread.

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  1. This is where you request username changes. Remember, once you request and have your username changed, you MUST post [size=x-large]500[/size] times before requesting another. All requests are logged.

    Remember, this is only a Superstar/Legend feature.
  2. God I hate Lil' Wade.
  3. damn, we can't change your names. let us. :sad:
  4. My name is going to remain like this until I go back to my old. I'm not going to be a ho with my name like some people on here.
  5. Not sure about my username

    3 Choices:
    Vince McMahon
    Mini Hoss Rambler
  6. I don't think I can without a plugin for it.
  7. I can request one right now?
  9. it's in the permission settings. edit our group and there's a box to tick "can change usernames"

    I think. nvm, i think it's just for myself only.
  10. That means change your own username, not other peoples. Such'a noob tryn'a tell me how to ACP. :haha:

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    ily really :yay:

    Edit:@ damn you ninja'd me, that makes my other post in the other thread seem really stupid.
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  11. yah i forgot about our own usernames.

    here's a small mod for it if you're interested. adds username change on the mod control panel.
  12. Finally got it changed. :yay:
  13. I'll actually add that.
  14. Is this upgraded group only stuff?

    If it isn't, changing mine to rkolover23 would be really awesome. WWE Rules no more, and people complain it's too long. :cry:
  15. Yeah you need to be upgraded.
  16. Plus WWE doesn't rule at the moment :otunga:

  17. @[wwerulesrkolover23] rkolover23 is stupid name!!!!!!! Just change to Hannah when you can!!1
  18. I don't like my name. Too common. ]]:
  19. Hannah is cute name
  20. check out my ass
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