Using watchwrestling on Xbox 360

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  1. So I tried going to watchwrestling on my 360 with internet explorer. Works great, only I can't seem to make it be full screen. Any ideas/hints what I might be doing wrong? Or is it just because its on my xbox?

    Disclaimer: I have no faith in internet explorer, so if thats the problem I completely understand.
  2. Well, clicking in the left thumbstick zoomed it in some, still not full screen though. Better at least.
  3. You're forced to use IE on an Xbox 360, right? I'm just wondering. I can't attempt to bug fix this as I've never once used a browser on any console I have owned.
  4. Yeah, you are forced to use IE (shitty). I don't have a laptop I can just hook up to my bigscreen/surround system to watch it on so I thought I would try it this way. I can see the little spot you would normally click on the video to make it full screen, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I wouldn't be surprised if its because its on the 360. I just thought I would ask. I would say its playing at close to 3/4 the screen size now that I clicked the left thumb stick.
  5. BTW, totally going to see if my kids will watch that WWE Scooby Doo movie on the site now :boss1:
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  6. How do you normally browse WW and WWEF? On a PC?
  7. Yeah I'm usually on my PC, actually I'm not all that familiar with WW, but it was easy enough to navigate (positive feedback - YAY!)
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  8. Can you not just hook your PC up to your television, or is the distance too far or something?
  9. Yeah, different rooms - big house. Thought about trying it with one of those Google chrome cast thingies. Haven't gotten any feedback to my thread about it yet though. :sad:

    Thanks for being so quick on the responses BTW (mister no internet :dawg:)
  10. This dongle knew you were in trouble and has morphed into super-dongle. It's lightning fast at the moment (for a dongle); literally can't get enough of that word... Dongle.
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  11. Put your dongle away, there will be time for that later :ksi:
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  12. Oh stop it, you. If I had the internet ability, I'd Google a blushing-related .gif right now.
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  13. This is the first I'm hearing about this. Thanks, Trip!
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  14. I've actually found that depending on how I push the left thumbstick in I get more or less zoom. Just an FYI. I can get it to be pretty much fullscreen, just not exactly sure how the control feature works.
  15. Probably just an IE or Flash issue. I believe RT/LT lets you zoom in/out progressively once you've clicked the left stick down to 'zoom in'
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  16. AH HA! :lol1:
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  17. Chromecast is fucking good for the price.
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  18. hehe dongle.
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    Take the cord you connect your pc/monitor together and instead of connecting it to your computer screen, connect it to your Television. You're welcome.

    BTW it's called a vga, but if your tv and computer have a HDMI, you could do that as well. Easy Peasy
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  20. He said he lives in a big house.
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