Usos Possibly Leaving WWE ?

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  1. There could be a slight possibility that The Usos may not be re-signing with WWE once their current contracts with promotion is over.

    While discussing next week’s MizTV segment featuring The Miz, Shane McMahon and Usos during the latest installment of Fightful’s Post-SmackDown Show, Sean Ross Sapp revealed that there is concern within WWE that The Usos may not re-sign with WWE once their contract expires.

    “I heard there has been some concern that they may not re-sign. Now, I don’t know when their deal is up but I just heard there is some concern that they might no re-sign. That doesn’t mean they are going to AEW but it means that there is just some concern..... mmmm Will they Go or Stay ?
  2. Damn at this rate 90% of the WWE roster are off to AEW.
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  3. Plot twist AEW is actually WWE in disguise...
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  4. I don't think it's ever been easier to start a rumor regarding a wrestler's contract. Can't wait for reports about Roman Reigns to also be in talks with AEW once he's cleared. That's gonna be a juicy article one day!
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  5. The Usos would thrive and conquer everything on the indies. But I think this is just another rumor mill, it is getting ridiculous at this point.
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  6. Dude haven't you heard that Vince is going to AEW.
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  7. that is correct, according to my inside sources. I know a guy who interns in Stamford and he said it's legit bro
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  8. No he is just going to buy it if it's a success......
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  9. I knew, this whole time. Everyone thought I was mad, but I was right.
    Yeah, and then ruin it like ECW or waste it like WCW. #RememberThe90s
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    Well there is actually more to this story because Rikishi said some stuff.
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