News Vader & Goldust Might Be Heading Down To NXT Soon

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 2, 2015.

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  1. Vader haha, would he just be a background trainer? Goldust as an enhancement talent or trainer would be legit, he's got a lot of experience.
  2. Goldust as an enhancement talent is something I'd like to see and considering he isn't retiring any time soon, there's a chance we might just see it in the near future.

    As far as Vader being an enhancement talent goes, man... I dunno, if he's in good shape, then why not? Let him do the gig. Sounds interesting.
  3. I'd be fine with this. I don't think Vader can work much anymore, but he could be a good trainer.
  4. I've seen some recent work from Vader in All Japan Wrestling. He isn't the brutal monster he used to be when he was in WCW and he looks sort of skinny legged and knocked kneed. He would be better off working in a training capacity but I think a very occasional match wouldn't be horrible.
  5. I'd also be fine with him occasionally killing people. Don't think he should do it regularly but one-offs would be fun.
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  6. Vader hasn't been in All Japan in years.
  7. Vader can still outwrestle everyone from NXT. Vader can wrestle as long as he can throw a punch and stay sober.
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    I never post anything without making sure my facts are accurate. It depends on what you mean by "years," but my exact comment was "recent work." Vader wrestled several tag matches in All Japan in 2012. Although I do not have downloads of the matches anymore, you can find the information here:

    For a man who has mostly been retired in the past decade, December of 2012 counts as recent work as it is technically only 2 years and three months ago. I watched the matches when I was preparing for the Japanese Language Profiency test in late 2013, which is why I remember them.
  9. I absolutely love Vader, so I would love to see him in the ring regardless. However, I don't like how people put down guys who are old but can still perform. I also don't like legends turned to jobbers as opposed to occasionally putting over talent. Generally having to hear people bitch is what I don't like, but I always love Vader in the ring.
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  10. Here's a 2012 match where Vader is facing Hama Ryota, who is dressed up like a second Vader. Looks like he still has it.

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  11. Punches~!
  12. Yup, he still has it. I loved watching him backing guys into the corner and assaulting them with punches.
  13. wouldn't class 2012 as recent work personally. But hey it's Vader Time
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  14. Well, Vader debuted in 1985, so relative to his career, two years ago is definitely recent work. Plus, saying he hasn't been to AJPW in years implies much longer than 2 years.

    No big deal, it's just semantics. But since I spend time fact checking my information before posting it, I had to defend my statement.

    All of this only means one thing: I REALLY need to get out more. :emoji_slight_smile:
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