Vague report: No more heels or babyfaces.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Dec 26, 2013.

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  1. -Meltzer

    Will this mean anything?
  2. I don't even understand what I just read.
  3. presumably, people being dicks one week then coming out to make the save for the huge babyface pop the next?
  4. :hmm: So what exactly are you planning McMahon.
  5. Either we are getting much more complex and fleshed out characters, where the fans reactions determine their alignment. Or Vince has dropped one too many marbels.
  6. Can see this being something VKM said out of frustration when someone brought up Cena getting booed, and he blurted out this line with how the crowd sees many of the guys on the roster in both ways nowadays.

    Or maybe something like TNA has done, where the roster feels like a big clump of people without all the dividing factors that WWE has, so we could see more face/face and heel/heel matchups. Hope so, that would really freshen things up. :obama:

    Ahh, well. Just something that was reported for some reason that was worth discussing.
  7. McMahon could have meant that there isn't enough distinguishment between heel and babyfaces at the moment, i.e. heels not being dastardly enough, etc. Not that I'd necessarily agree with that, but some further elaboration of this report would have been nice. (To be fair, HHH himself hasn't really come off as a dictator-like boss in quite awhile. He's coercing Big Show into doing something for him one minute, then telling Randy Orton to grow up in the next. He's throwing Punk into a handicap match against The Shield one minute, then not even denying that John Cena might be better for business over Orton in the next.)
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