Valdese Vaporeons

Discussion in 'Pokemon Showdown League' started by Neptune, Nov 4, 2015.

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    Valdese Vaporeons
    Showdown Username: Valdese Vaporeons
    Team Leader: @Neptune

    The Vape Squad
    Mega Manectric (
    Spike )
    Rotom-Wash ( Sock-Spit )
    Weavile ( Shady )
    Vaporeon ( Fishtits )

    Florges ( Morgan Freeman )

    Donphan ( Obama Care )

    Hitmontop ( Drake )

    Tangrowth ( String-Bean )

    Flygon ( Miss Saigon )

    Mesprit ( Bubblegum )

    Ninetales ( Holocaust )

    Garbodor ( Oh Rubbish )
    Saturday November 7th -> Friday November 13th BRONX BELDUMS (@C.M. Shaddix) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS
    Saturday November 14th -> Friday November 20th VALLEY VIEW VICTINIS (@Solidus) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS
    Saturday November 21st -> Friday November 27th VALDESE VAPOREONS vs AURORA SUICUNES (@Thyst04)
    Saturday November 28th -> Friday December 4th HAVERFORD HONCHKROWS (@Runebane33) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS
    Saturday December 5th -> Friday December 11th VALDESE VAPOREONS vs NEW JERSEY ELECTABUZZ (@Zach)
    Saturday December 12th -> Friday December 18th VALDESE VAPOREONS vs CARDIFF CITY CHARIZARDS (@Forrest OAKADA)
    Saturday December 19th -> Friday December 25th RUSTBORO CITY RAYQUAZAS (@GZR Seb) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS
    Saturday January 2nd -> Friday January 8th VALDESE VAPOREONS vs VERMILION CITY PIKACHUS (@deth)
    Saturday January 9th -> Friday January 15th ARIZONA AERODACTYLS (@Nickelodeon) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS

    Saturday January 16th -> Friday January 22nd VALDESE VAPOREONS vs BRONX BELDUMS (@C.M. Shaddix)
    Saturday January 23rd -> Friday January 29th VALDESE VAPOREONS vs VALLEY VIEW VICTINIS (@Solidus)
    Saturday January 30th -> Friday February 5th AURORA SUICUNES (@Thyst04) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS
    Saturday February 6th -> Friday February 12th VALDESE VAPOREONS vs HAVERFORD HONCHKROWS (@Runebane33)
    Saturday February 13th -> Friday February 19th NEW JERSEY ELECTABUZZ (@Zach) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS
    Saturday February 20th -> Friday February 26th CARDIFF CITY CHARIZARDS (@Forrest OAKADA) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS
    Saturday February 27th -> Friday March 4th VALDESE VAPOREONS vs RUSTBORO CITY RAYQUAZAS (@GZR Seb)
    Saturday March 5th -> Friday March 11th VERMILION CITY PIKACHUS (@deth) vs VALDESE VAPOREONS
    Saturday March 12th -> Sunday March 18th VALDESE VAPOREONS vs ARIZONA AERODACTYLS (@Nickelodeon)

    ┊  ┊  ┊  ┊
    ┊  ┊  ┊  
    ┊  ┊  

    Week 1 : VS Bronx Beldums OU replay: valdesevaporeons vs. CMXX - Pokémon Showdown WIN
    Week 2 : VS Valley View Victinis OU replay: valdesevaporeons vs. mgsolidus - Pokémon Showdown LOSS
    Week 3 : VS Aurora Suicunes OU replay: valdese vaporeons - Pokémon Showdown WIN
    Week 4 : VS Havorford HonchkrowsOU replay: valdese vaporeons vs. runebane33 - Pokémon Showdown WIN
    Week 5 : VS New Jersey Electabuzz OU replay: Valdese Vaporeons vs. zzachzx - Pokémon Showdown WIN
    Week 6 : VS Cardiff City Charizards OU replay: Forrest01 vs. Valdese Vaporeons - Pokémon Showdown WIN
    Week 7 : VS Rustboro City Rayquazas OU replay: AlrightShadow vs. Valdese Vaporeons - Pokémon Showdown WIN
    Week 8 : VS Vermilion City Pikachus OU replay: vcitypikachus vs. valdese vaporeons - Pokémon Showdown WIN

    Mega Manectric ( Spike ) : 9
    Flygon (
    Miss Saigon ) : 8
    Weavile ( Shady ) : 6
    Florges (
    Morgan Freeman ) : 6
    Rotom-Wash (
    Sock-Spit ) : 4
    Hitmontop (
    Drake ) : 3
    Mesprit (
    Bubblegum ) : 2
    Donphan (
    Obama Care ) : 1
    Tangrowth (
    String-Bean ) : 1
    Vaporeon (
    Fishtits ) : X
    Ninetales (
    Holocaust ) : X
    Garbodor (
    Oh Rubbish! ) : X
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  2. @C.M. Shaddix let me know when you wanna battle. I have to get my team ready and set up.
  3. ... I went overboard on my thread. :okay:
  4. Nahh its pretty Sick
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  5. i'm sorry what? I've been busy at college
  6. lol Let me know what day is best for you to battle and what time so I know when to be ready.
  7. Saturday Good?
  8. Yeah that should be fine. What time you thinking? In the evening?
  9. Whatever works best, i'm ready whenever you are but there might be a few points where I gotta do shit today, but when i'm online and you are then its a go
  10. I just woke up so I need a bit lol
  11. You going to be one for a bit or should I rush myself? lol
  12. Don't know lol there is tons of time to do this today it will only be waht 4 minutes?
  13. If we rush it yeah lol I am going to try to think out my moves though cause when I don't I lose. :21-1:
  14. ah, good point, but its not that hard to think lol
  15. :bige:

    lol I am guessing it will take around 10 to 15 minutes.
  16. Whoops accidentally left the screen open! Had to see the bae and get a flu shot, but ready to go
  17. You got a flu shot because of said bae? :cesaro:

    I'll send the challenge and post the link in case anyone wants to watch
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