Valentine's Day IMPACT Ratings Go Down

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  1. 5 matches will never get big ratings, and casuals don't have their story going on right now. Hence why it's down.

    Plus, TNA won't be going back to 9pm any time soon.
  2. Casuals were on dates, hence the low rating. Nothing to worry about.
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  3. I don't know, is Valentine's Day a big holiday in the US? Since I hear about it all the time I suppose so, then it may have affected the ratings. But it's still average.
  4. Well, maybe having all that matches in so short time make people lose their interest on watching it...
  5. Pretty much what Rainman said.

    5 matches on a 2 hour show will never draw ratings, as I already said.
    IMO, 3 matches and a lot of (good) talking will get TNA the ratings.
  6. Because I didn't stream it on the interwebs
  7. I don't think people would've preferred watching TNA on a Valentine's day or I don't think TNA was on top of their priority list.
  8. Well, if I didn't have classes on Friday watching TNA would've been my Valentine's Day priority. :okay:

    Not like we celebrate that here anyway lol
  9. Q1: Impact opened with a 0.92 rating for Hulk Hogan setting up a series of #1 contender matches, Sting hyping up Lethal Lockdown, and one commercial.

    Q2: Impact dipped slightly to a 0.91 rating for Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus, plus one commercial.

    Q3: Impact remained at a 0.91 rating for Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, plus one commercial.

    Q4: Impact increased to a 0.94 rating for the first-half of Gail Kim, Tara and Jessie vs. The Blossom Twins and Party Marty in a mixed tag match, plus two full commercials.

    Q5: Impact jumped to a show-high 1.19 rating for the second-half of the mixed tag match, post-match involvement from Brooke Hogan, and video packages. The segment benefited from only having half of a commercial break.

    Q6: Impact dipped to a 1.08 rating for James Storm vs. RVD, plus one-and-a-half commercials.

    Q7: Impact dipped to a 1.00 rating for the Hogans talking backstage, ring introductions for the main event, one commercial, and the first half of Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode.

    Q8: Impact increased to a 1.05 rating for the finish of Aries-Roode, one commercial, and Hogan teasing a #1 contender decision that was interrupted by Aces & Eights.
  10. I see how lots of viewers tuned in at 9 PM.
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